WarcraftII’ve played Warcraft since 1996 when the original “Warcraft: Orcs & Humans” was released.  I enjoyed it so much that I continued with the game when Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness came out and then again with the expansion set.  I can still hear to this day the individual characters responses they gave when clicked upon since it was necessary to give them thousands of commands to win the game.  The ones that stand out are the obedient paladin’s forceful “Yes!”, the dopey peasant’s “yes my lord” and the ornery mage’s “What is it?”  I found a great list of all the quotes here (and soundboard HERE) which really brings back memories of sitting at the family computer in the living room on a warm summer evening building an army to crush the horde.

My original CDs – Note for MS-DOS!

I remember the worst thing was gathering up a huge army only to have a rogue horde scout come by and draw out my army before I was ready.  Before I knew it my footmen, archers, paladins, mages etc went streaming out of my fort only to be met with cannon fire and utter devastation.  When that happened the only option was to start that level over again as the mines and forests would be depleted leaving you unable to rebuild.

I didn’t realize at the time that I’d still be playing an updated MMORPG online version of this game almost 20 years later!!  The second chapter of this story begins in 2006 when I returned to the USA from many years in Asia.  I had learned of WoW and due to my extremely fond memories of the first editions wanted to give it a try.  But subscription gaming models presented a bit of a challenge living overseas since I had no credit card tied to a US address.  So, I ended up playing Knight Online instead, especially since it was free.  Returning to the USA, it wasn’t long before I found myself signed up for World of Warcraft and leveling a beginning Night Elf Rogue in the magical land (tree!) of Teldrassil.

I played WoW from 2007 when The Burning Crusade was just released but quit in 2012 during the reign of the Lich King.  However, I was drawn back in again very casually in 2013 although the “casual” description is no longer quite accurate since the release of Warlords of Draenor; I do have a garrison to administer and followers to command which does keep me busy.

Since Warcraft has been such a large part of my online life and defines me as a gamer, I thought it should have its own page on my blog.  Here I’ll keep an updated collection of my experiences in this vast online world.

Click HERE for a complete overview of Strykerzz (my main) including armor, latest achievements, stats etcetera on battle.net.


The first five years I was on the Nazgrel realm and known as Strykerr.  I was also part of the guild Lunatik Asylum.  I really enjoyed this guild as the members became more like friends and were people you could talk with.  Unfortunately it died and I haven’t found any guild with the same sense of community.  I then switched over to Kil’Jaeden since I enjoyed PVP much more than PVE.

As of 2013 I’m back on Nazgrel as Strykerzz since my previous name had been taken.


I. Sunsong Ranch

Sunsong Ranch
Inside my hut

II.  Shadowmoon Valley Garrison

Selfie in my garrison; I’m in front of the town hall and barracks.

I’d like to get a picture which shows the garrison in it’s entirety but that would require an aerial view and since we cannot fly yet in Draenor it will have to wait.

A few of my favorite screenshots:




The Feast of Winter Veil:


Selfies using the S.E.L.F.I.E camera (Self Enabling Low Focus Image Extractor)


Warcraft video: