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This page is an attempt to collect all my miscellaneous activities on the internet.  Games, services and websites come and go.  Over time this page should become a sort of catalog or scrap book of my online experiences.  Will be a work in progress.

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How this website used to look through the years:  Click Here
This website was graphic heavy starting in 2002 and the Wayback Machine didn’t capture those images so a lot of the archives show the outline but the containers are missing the actual pictures.

This site in 2003: 2003 banner 2003 banner

This site in 2004:

About page in 2004:

mcurtin About page in 2004
mcurtin About page in 2004

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Example of this site in 2008:


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Dead Online Social Networks

My Myspace page:

How it looked from 2006 – 2010
Unfortunately I didn’t take a screenshot back then.  Instead I had to use the Wayback Machine which doesn’t archive photographs .


And here it is as of August 2015



This network was hot for half a minute: it is simple, beautiful and dead.  This is my memorial.

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Ello 2015



I found LOTRO and it satisfies my needs when I just need a quick diversion for a while.  My character is extremely weak and unimpressive so I won’t even post him here.  I will however post my house which I am most proud of.  🙂

4 Harrow Rd.
Songburrow, Shire Homesteads
Riddermark Server 


This fine homestead belongs to my character Strykerr on the Riddermark server.  The neighborhood is pretty empty however since most everyone seems to have stopped playing LOTRO and therefore the monthly maintenance upkeep dues.  Out of the 16 or so houses there, I know of only one that has kept the upkeep.  You would think that LOTRO would merge neighborhoods together or perhaps figure out a way to make their neighborhoods a little more lively!


My SETI at home profile

I’ve been a SETI@home user ever since the screensaver program became available. Through the years, computer upgrades and lost passwords I’ve always re-downloaded the software and continued my support in the search for extraterrestrial life. I’m from Columbus Ohio, went to OSU and was always amazed by the Big Ear radio observatory near campus. Glad I can do my part!

SETI@home link:

Update 10.15:  Article on the speculation that an alien superstructure may be around star KIC 8462852

NASA Frequent Flyer Program

NASA Frequent Flyer Club
NASA Frequent Flyer Club

This is a multi-year, multi-decade program by Nasa which is extremely cool.  I missed the first mission – the Orion Spacecraft test flight – so didn’t get a badge.  But I’m all set for the second mission – InSight -which is to Mars and will have my name etched on a silicon chip.  My name will be on another planet!  Then, I’ll be sure to follow up as the years pass and I need to get my boarding pass for future missions.  Below is my boarding pass for InSight.

My NASA boarding Pass for the InSight Mission
My NASA boarding Pass for the InSight Mission

Video ROMS!

As is apparent from the above, I like my games, especially RPG.  This fascination started when I was a kid playing Atari and the Sega Master System / Genesis.  When computers became mainstream I abandoned the console for computer only.  One of the nice surprises I found is that I could download ALL of the Atari and Sega games ever made for free!  I simply needed an emulator (acts as console) and the ROM file for each game.  Here is an example of Mario Kart which I open up the emulator and then PWN the rest of the pack, especially Koopa Troopa. 🙂

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