Ohio – Indie guitar music

Just discovered what “soft indie guitar music” is and found this song about Ohio. It makes me want to slowly sip whiskey while watching the autumn leaves of red and orange fall softly on the horizon across a vast farming landscape in Chillicothe. Yes it does!

Little Apple – Chopstick Brothers – My favorite song of 2014

My FAVORITE song of 2014!!! TRULY EPIC!!! “Little Apple by the Chopstick Brothers. 本当に素敵この歌は。ビデオもおもしろい!!今年の一番 好きな歌になりました。 (>.<)/ http://youtu.be/LzHFD1sEqpE Little Apple I planted a seed And finally it bore fruit Today is a great day To pluck the stars and give them to you To pull down the moon and give it to you And let the…… Continue reading Little Apple – Chopstick Brothers – My favorite song of 2014


When the baby is crying and being very hard to console I have a failsafe method that always works just like magic.  This song is “Do you know the Muffin Man” on YouTube and it must be this version, no other.  My extreme annoyance and that which makes me want to launch the Ipad down…… Continue reading Annonyances

This is Halloween! >:-)

Discovered this gem at the end of The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack; a song that the boy and I have find common ground on.  Rolling down the windows and CRANKING IT UP as we cruise through the supermarket parking lot.   http://youtu.be/jU6iP0WLsU8