Journal Entry – 6.5.1992

Today Kevin came over and we went to McDonald’s with Cindy then Andy, Kevin and I went golfing after that me and Kevin went to Grandview I slammed on the breakaway rim for a while. Then Tony Morris got done setting up for bingo we went to his house then came back because he had […]

Journal Entry – 5.23.1992

Today I went back to the falls with Tony, Andy, and Chris. Everything went smoothly until Chris took my rabbits skull and threatened to knock it off the bridge unless i licked the tracks. I wasn’t going to lick the tracks and i told him if he kicked it off i would hit him . […]

Journal Entry – 5.19.1992

Today we had a baseball game that I didn’t play in but i found other ways of entertainment. I threw rocks at people and they didn’t know who threw it. I cant wait until summer, i hope Tony, Kevin and I go to Hocking Hills again. It was so fun last year, it was all […]

Journal Entry – 5.17.1992

Well today is the last day of a four and one half day break. On Thursday we had the walkathon and got out at 11:30. I had Kevin take me home that day then that night was Midnight Madness, it wasn’t all I thought it would be the first two hours were all right, we […]

Journal Entry – 5.3.1992

Today was horrible, we had baseball practice forever and it was cold and rainy. Also Kevin and Chris were being real dicks today then said they were just kidding. I am going to beat their asses if they keep this up. We’re getting cable Thursday so that’s pretty good. I’m depressed now because we have […]