Journal Entry – 4.5.1993

Well many many things have happened in the last 3 months. 

Last night I went out with Kevin D and Ryan.  We went to Grandview to try to find Carmen.  I went to BP to get some smokes and on the way out Carmen, Jason G, Ptolomey, and Mike Gill saw me and ran after me.  They were drunk and happy as hell.  We all piled in and went to Taco Bell.  Then we went to UDF and Carmen stole me a 2 liter of Sun Country cooler.  I drank it and was feeling good. I smoked a lot . After that we took Ryan to his girlfriend’s house and stayed there for a while. (Ryan got kicked out of his house and that’s why he came with us). We left Ryan there and went to try to find Heather’s house cause Tony said there would be a gathering there.  But I went to the wrong house but i was feeling so good I didn’t care. So then we went to movies 12 and found Jon B, Chad, Joe R, Bart, Brendan, and Lee.  These Hilliard punks were yelling at us and I was screaming at the top of my lungs at them. Then we went to Heather’s and me Squiggs and Jon went in. 

Well that was just last night. I went to a Cannibal Corpse concert a couple weeks ago and went in the pit.  I got the lead singers autograph.  Afterwards we started walking to the car and these Jesus preachers started talking to us and that we were sinners.  They all had tears in their eyes it was so funny.  I also went to a Pantera concert last week, i got a sweet shirt. I also got Sam to go, he had a great time.  Sam is talking to Lisa B it’s pitiful, but oh well.

Journal Entry – 9.26.1992

I haven’t written in this in a month so i will tell you whats been happening. I went to my first real concert 4 days ago, i saw FAITH NO MORE and HELMET with Jonathan, Ryan and Carmen. We went into the pit where every body was moshing and slam danced. Carmen and Jon picked me up and i went crowd surfing all the way to the front of the stage, and slam danced my way back to them. I got a t-shirt with the cover of Faith No More’s Angel Dust album cover on it. Last night was a dance i wanted to dance with Kristen but time ran out they played too much rap there and not enough metal. I talked to Dana a lot there so that was good.

Journal Entry – 8.21.1992

Today was the last day for golf tryouts. I got my first birdie today and i shot a 103 which isn’t bad for me. In Tennessee the only thing we did was go see a baseball game. I liked it because the home team was the rookie farm team of the Mets. I got a autographed baseball with the Mets emblem on it and a Mets hat. Tiffany wrote me a letter and she said she really liked me so i wrote her back a couple of days ago . School starts in 1 week i don’t want summer to be over. In Hocking Hills I had a great time all i did was fish with Tony and play cards with Tony and Kevin. I had my first cig down there i hate them they taste nasty and the only good thing about them is they give you a buzz. I had 6 of them and don’t want any more.  I don’t want to go to school, i want to go back to Hocking Hills but i am looking forward to Halloween and Christmas.

Journal Entry – 8.7.1992

A couple of days ago I came back from Ceder Point. At the Holidome where we stayed me and Ryan met two good looking girls. I went up to talk to them and after we talked a while me and Ryan went to play put-put. The girls followed us and we ended up playing put-put together. During our second game they closed down but we still wanted to talk (they had bikini tops and boxers on they were also barefoot which made it better).  We went and sat on the steps and talked to them till 2:30 in the morning. They were staying till Friday and we were leaving the next day. It was great though because every time my girl who was sitting right next to me turned around she put her leg on me she also kept putting her foot on my foot. I would have a girlfriend right now if she didn’t live in Indiana. I got her address and I really hope I see her again in my lifetime, her name was Tiffany. (she had sandy blond short hair and was very nice)

Today I went to Grandview and me and tony went on a little bike, scooter ride we rode down this huge hill at mock 10 and almost ran into the railroad tracks.

I’m leaving for Tennessee in 2 days and going to get loads of fireworks then going to Hocking Hills the following week. Ryan is being a dick he expects me to get him 14 dollars worth of fireworks for free and was yelling about me taking a dollar fee well just for that I’m going to make it a 5 dollar fee without him knowing it.

I went to two open mats this week and went weight lifting at the gym it is very nice.

———–Note from 2014————–

Past me -You’ll never see Tiffany again!  But that’s OK because eventually you discover Japan.  🙂