E-mail to Allison 1.27.2004

Ally-bear,Ok, you caught me.  I do flirt and flatter shamelessly to get what I want.But damnit, it works with everyone else and I’m good at it!  How do youthink I got through college,, and for that matter Japanese class?Understand you are busy this week, but as for me, I’m not busy at all forthe next…… Continue reading E-mail to Allison 1.27.2004

E-mail to Allison 1.25.2004

Alli-san,Hey hottie, this is your classmate El Mateo.  I’ve just made you a verykick-ass CD complete with your Will Smith songs and other old schoolclassics.  In return I demand that you go out to party with Axel, myself,and any other degenerates who would like to join the debauchery.  You haveexactly 2 to 3 weeks to…… Continue reading E-mail to Allison 1.25.2004

E-mail to Dad 1.21.2004

Hey Dad,Not much is up.  It’s almost time for spring break so I’m going to try topick up some more work.  I know my Japanese has improved and am feeling goodabout that.  I’ll be in level 4 starting the next semester and am wonderinghow difficult it’s going to be.  This semester was extremely tough since…… Continue reading E-mail to Dad 1.21.2004

E-mail to Angie 1.11.2004

Que tal Angie! Me alegro para recebir tu mensaje.  Feliz año nuevo tambien!  Durante vacaciones yo fui a America para ver mi familia y amigos pero me alegro para estar en Japon otra vez.  Creo que vamos a ir a Roppongi y cafe Latino durante el spring break, cuando tenia mucho tiempo libre.  Ultimamente he estado…… Continue reading E-mail to Angie 1.11.2004

E-mail to Brad 1.9.2004

Hey Brad, Yea, I’m still in Japan and still studying Japanese.  I finished one year of the Waseda intensive Japanese program and have almost finished another half year.  After one more semester I’ll be finished.  I’m also teaching some private lessons and working from time to time at some English schools but nothing major.  I have…… Continue reading E-mail to Brad 1.9.2004

E-mail to Mathias 1.5.2004

Hi Mathais!Happy New Year!  Waseda is still going well and my Japanese is gettingbetter but I still fail plenty of tests!  Level 3 is much more difficultthan level 2.  I’m enjoying myself though but don’t enjoy all the homework.Aikido is good when I go. I haven’t been there for over a month and hopethey aren’t…… Continue reading E-mail to Mathias 1.5.2004