E-mail to Mathias 8.20.2004


My classes at Waseda are finally finished and I’m very happy to not have to
go to those boring lectures anymore.  I think it’s time to study Japanese on
my own without the teachers troubling me with too many tests that I always
received a bad grade on.  : )

Now, I’m just teaching English at night, going to the gym and looking for a
job in Vietnam.  I have some friends there and think it would be a great
place to live due to the cheap prices and proximity of the ocean!  Tokyo is
too crowded for me and I need some peace and quiet.  My visa is until
October 10th so I’m hoping to find a job before then but it’s looking to be
a little difficult.  I’m positive that I’ll be in Vietnam in October though.

E-mail to German 5.23.2004

What’s up man,
Sorry for the late response.  I’m busy every day here trying to learn this pinche Japones.  Pero en serio me esta matando.  Tambien, tengo que buscar trabajo, y en serio estoy buscando trabajo en Vietnam.  Me enctanta esa pais, pero creo que para encontrar un trabajo seria dificil.  Estoy seguro que no quiero regresar al Columbus para nada. 
Aparte de eso, estoy saliendo con el Masarito como siempre y estamos tomando como locos.  Tambien, entre el club de espanol en mi universidad.  Los weyes por ahi no pueden hablar para nada a menos que una mujer bien buena.  Tambien, hay un español quien esta ensañando el accento español a los Japoneses.  Es bastante divertido.  But there is this one dude from Argentina who says I shouldn´t say the word “Wey and huevos.”  You’ve got me saying that and I have a hard time cutting it out. 
Are you still in school??  Are you ever going to graduate?  What is going on in Columbus?  The next time I’ll be home is most likely Christmas, although I’m going to Lake Tahoe with H for the family reunion.  We’re returning to Japan though after since I have to get back to school.
Let me know what is up there.
Mateo mateo mateo,
como estas!  espero que muy bien…como va todo en tokyo????
yo me fui a rusia y conoci a putin (no kenardo si no el presidente ruso) las rusas estan buenisisisiismas
ayer trate de llamar a la casa de tus papas y me contesto un voice mail en espanol!!!
creo que un mexicano esta usando tu numero anterior…o a lo mejor tu mama ya sabe espanol….may be C, since she likes the Latino flavor! jajajajajaja
wey mandame un mail para que me digas como has estado….como van las chikillas…cuando vientes etc. etc. etc.
yo ya tengo otro trabajo nuevo…..soy director de marketing de una firma de arquitectura…el trabajo es chingon y pagan bien…ademas hago comisiones por cada proyecto que hacemos
tengo al hermano de kenardo trabajando como intern….diario lo mando a que lave mi bmw….ahora si puedo decir que todos los galloways son mis empleados!! jajaja
bueno wey cuidate y no te pierdas
saludos y escribe pronto…

E-mail to Quyen 5.22.2004

Hello Quyen,
You have so many students!  You must be tired at the end of the day aren’t you?  I’m sure you are an excellent teacher and your students really like you! 
Life here is always busy.  For Japanese, they always work and many must work on Saturday.  In Japanese society, the men usually work all the time and their wives stay at home to take care of the children.  When Japanese have a day off they like to sleep or go to the park.  Life is Tokyo is also very crowded.  Tokyo is a fun place to go out and go to restaurants, but I prefer a quiet small town where I can read books and relax.  It is very hard to relax here. 
For me, I have to study Japanese very hard.  It is such a difficult language but I like it very much.  I always have to write reports and prepare for class.  It can be tiring sometimes.  In my free time, I like to go to the gym and play on my computer. 
Well, I must continue writing my report for Japanese class!  I hope you are well!

E-mail to Dad 5.20.2004


Thank you very much for the files from the Apple you sent me.  I understood
all the technical jargon very well and was able to read my journal from high
school.  I was honestly transported back in time and to my previous way of