New favorite song

Just discovered this song.  For me it elicits very strong images/emotions of my time in high school.  Aren’t we all dreamers?  I think when the dreams start to die we’ve become too old.  Adulthood has a way of killing youthful dreams and enthusiasm doesn’t it.  We get so wrapped up in what others want us…… Continue reading New favorite song

This is Halloween! >:-)

Discovered this gem at the end of The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack; a song that the boy and I have find common ground on.  Rolling down the windows and CRANKING IT UP as we cruise through the supermarket parking lot.

Who is God?

If you’ve read any of my posts in the past decade, you will know that I very much enjoy studying religion and understanding the root causes of why we believe what we believe.  To be extremely brief, I have come to a conclusion which is very much summed up by this video and thought I…… Continue reading Who is God?