Une soirée merveilleuse


Un autre jour sans la famille.  I had thought I would very much enjoy this time alone but the expected euphoria has yet to arrive.  I feel nothing – except that I very much miss my family.

Having two small children is like running a marathon.  There are moments when the endorphins kick in – these are the special moments.  But most of the time it is just running, here and there without a moments rest.  Now that I have a break I only want to start running again: I want them to return.

Sunset – Thursday, September 24, 2015


Perhaps the final sunset from my view for 2015.  It will now be hidden behind the mountain until it returns next spring.

In 2014 I called the final sunset also on September 25th in this blog post; yet in my calendar I had it on September 22nd.  I guess it just depends if I’m watching it through the window or if I go outside and to the northern most point in my yard.  Given distances, walking just a few steps adds a few extra days of sunset.