Saturday Morning – August 8th – 2015

City of Angels sunset

This scene from the movie City of Angels has always remained in my mind and I thought I should write a quick post about it. 

Although I no longer believe in the Catholic religion I was brought up in, I’m still a very spiritual person.  Actually, I do not like to use that word “spiritual” as I think it has been corrupted and simplified by mainstream religions, so much so, that the true meaning has been lost. 

Wilson Road Golf Course – sunrise


This picture reflects the image I have in my head of playing this course with Matt McElheny when I was a child. We woke up very early and walked to the course with our clubs on pull carts. Like many times in childhood it was filled with magic and an excitement that does not carry over into adulthood.

When I play Wilson Road I am able to catch flickers of those childhood feelings but only for an instant, like a firefly’s light on a dark summer night.