Intelligence Agencies!!

Hey Intelligence Agencies!!! Good news, I found the terrorists!! I’m sitting here watching the news in California and they’ve just reported that gang members have killed two 14 year olds in the past week! If you’re not too busy please use your “precision guided missles” to unleash some “shock and awe” in the city of…… Continue reading Intelligence Agencies!!

Poor FBI

I saw the picture above today in the news and just couldn’t help but laugh. As I sit here in SF contemplating my new job opportunities, I must admit that I’ve given a spit second thought to the NSA, CIA and FBI due to international experience and language abilities.However, in light of current events I…… Continue reading Poor FBI

Government Spying

Almost every ex-pat here in Saigon knows that there is a government dossier with their name on it from the moment they went through immigration. When I first heard of it, I was a bit taken aback and remember being taught that some governments in the world do this sort of thing. I also remember…… Continue reading Government Spying