E-mail to Jeff 1.21.2004

What’s up man, Yea, I think I’ve seen you online here and there, but I’m sure you would agree that it gets really old having people message you constantly about dumb crap.  We are the ones who used it first, and are the ones to get tired of it first right.  I still like to see […]

Journal Entry – 7.31.1998

Well I got up this morning, packed the rest of my stuff, took a shower and watched that cartoon, what’s his names laboratory.  Then I had the shuttle take me to the airport and I sat there for a while waiting for the flight. Now I’m on the airplane above the Atlantic ocean heading home.  I’m […]

Journal Entry – 7.30.1998

Well I’m leaving for home tomorrow. I’m just sitting here in my hotel room because everyone else has already left.  Laurel was here with me and we had a great time together here in Madrid.  But she left today around one and I went into Madrid and bought a USA Today went to Kentucky Fried […]