Wednesday morning


In San Francisco for an appointment. Portsmouth square, the heart of China Town is always lively. Being here floods my mind with memories of Asia. It makes me miss my life overseas. If I didn’t have to work I’d love to take Mandarin lessons at the Chinese cultural center. Even better I’d like to take those lessons in China!

But I cannot complain too much. I can still have my need for Asia satisfied to an extent right here in SF.

SF Chamber of Commerce – Super Bowl planning networking


I joined my colleague for the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Super Bowl planning committee networking event. It was fun and made me reminisce about my days in all the various country commerce chambers in Saigon.

When I first arrived in San Francisco I visited the chamber to see if they might be able to help me with my job search. That was 9 years ago and this is the first event of theirs I’ve attended since then.