Old Entries

I had so many problems with my last MT configuration that I had to re install everything. So I lost some of my old rants, but have pasted them in the excerpt….——————————————————————– I spent all day working on the website. For some reason there is an internal server error for the archive and recent entry […]

Saigon Stories – Today's Adventure

Today was actually not so adventuresome. However, today the Buddhist funeral infront of my house ended. The old lady who spoke to me in French not 6 months before and told me to “Firmez le porte doucemont” passed away. They then erected a shrine and had chants, prayers and visitors for three days. It was […]

Saigon Stories – Vietnam Business Entertainment – KPMG First Fridays

Big surprise for me recently.  I was going through all my old Vietnam contacts for information I could use on my blog which lead me to the company “Events Vietnam”.  I remember this company well since they were the ones that as their name implies, put on business events.  A bit of history is in […]

Saigon Stories – Vacationing in Saigon

Vacationing in SaigonBy tok_matthewDecember 4th, 2004 @ 2:10 AM EntertainmentAs most of you know I’m no longer geographically in Tokyo but now living in HCMC, Vietnam. I must say I get homesick for Tokyo and the order in that society. Here there is no order and is complete chaos everday. I read your entries about things that […]