Letter to Dad 8.29.2004

Good Morning Dad,Thanks for having C. call me.  It had been ages since I’d last spoke to her and it was good to have a chat.It’s almost September now and the weather has become cool and a bit wet here in Tokyo.  It’s a fitting season to be leaving Japan; a place where I’ve developed…… Continue reading Letter to Dad 8.29.2004

E-mail to Ron 4.29.2004

Dude,Just got a chance to read your essay.  Can I post it on the website “think”by the way?As for my input, I think it’s a great idea for the idealist.  UnfortunatelyCapitalism runs on greed and without greed the system fails.  I think it’simpossible to tell the people to stop being greedy,,,(unless they areJapanese).  If people…… Continue reading E-mail to Ron 4.29.2004

4.17.2004 – E-mail to Dad

 Good Morning Dad! How is everything at home?  Is Mom’s brother still there?  How long will that last?  I know it must be a challenge.  The semester has started here and we’ve just completed our first week of class.  I’m really going to enjoy this semester since they have revised the  curriculum.  There are now two core classes for…… Continue reading 4.17.2004 – E-mail to Dad

E-mail to Newspaper 7.20.2003

Hello Barbara,   I’ve never written a letter to a journalist about their article before but I just wanted to let you know that I found your story “Their Dream to Build Life in America Shattered,” exceptional.  I really feel terrible for Hilda and her family and hope that your story puts pressure on the right people to correct…… Continue reading E-mail to Newspaper 7.20.2003