A Parody of the Media

A Parody of the Media

Everyday, I check a variety of news sources on the net, TV and radio and have found similar patterns in all of them:


1. CNN

a.) Brittney Spears did something again!!!
b.) Paris Hilton also did something!!
c.) Why isn’t Nicole Richie doing anything?
d.) Christine Amanpour is desperately looking for a war zone to run around in and try out her new cross training Prada heels!
e.) Grace Under Fire is livid once again!
f.) Grace realizes that being angry all the time makes her tired.
g.) Wolf Blitzer admits his name is made up. And he is mad at Stone Philips for also making up his name.
h.) CNN admits that yes, they have been hiring from the Playboy Mansion.
i.) Man finds image of Jesus in his breakfast burrito.

Tropic Thunder

A new movie “Tropic Thunder” is now showing in theaters. I’ve only seen the previews but could not help but be completely saddened by it. The reason is because it looks like this movie is based upon the Vietnam war which was an atrocity yet is used for an offending nations entertainment. I was also completely exasperated to see on the news today that people are protesting but for a completely different reason which is the disabled or as the movie refers to as “retarded.”

Olympic Torch – San Francisco

It seems not a day goes by without some mention of protests and the Olympic torch. I for one didn’t pay much attention until today when I read the Sunday edition of the San Francisco Chronicle 4-6-2008. The articles “2 views of Beijing as Olympics approach,” contained “Tibetan Americans: Bay Area exiles fight to keep culture alive” and “Chinese Americans: Most proud of Olympics, hurt by protests.”

At first, I was intrigued and thought I might gain some insight into the differing views concerning the Olympic torch. However, both articles quickly came to disappoint with naive quotes and wishy-washy bleeding-heart exile stories.

Californians cannot drive

As I have not written an interesting post in almost a year I thought it was about time I sat down and typed out my experiences over the past year here in San Francisco.
Unfortunately, after a nice dinner and watching the first DVD of James Clavell’s Shogun, the time is now 10:00pm and I no longer have the urge to write the memoirs of my introductory year here in S.F.