Muslims and Christians

Since September 11th and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq there has been an enormous surge of interest in the Muslim world from America. The ordinary American knowing nothing of this ancient culture will pick up bits and pieces from various sources including academic books, hateful right wing talk radio, American soldiers experiences or extreme […]

The world has gone crazy

As usual I haven’t written in a long time. This is party due to the culture of America and we are constantly busy and must schedule our time to get anything accomplished. But finally, the pent up thoughts are bursting free as I could no longer hold them back being subjected to one ridiculous notion, […]


It baffles me to see what is going on with the Religious Right in the United States at the moment. More specifically, the inclusion of “Intelligent Design” in the High School classrooms. This is a direct affront to science and reason. It is almost as if the United States is sinking into a new “Dark […]