LTMD #3 – The only show I ask you watch

Another letter to my descendants: In my time, 8.30.2014 an updated version of one of the best television programs ever has been updated and re-released.  The show “Cosmos” is the most concise and up to date scientific attempt to enlighten humanity and convince them of the truth about where we came from and what we are.Unfortunately, […]

Living a magical life

As I get older and more set into my routines I find that life loses a little bit of luster.  New experiences become less frequent and the activities I’m used to become a little less enjoyable.  Then I look at my son and see how he is excited about pretty much everything.  Everything is new […]

Self Identity – Who are you?

Self Identity – Who are you?“Who am I?”If we take a moment and ask ourselves this simple question I wonder how people might answer.  Perhaps the easiest reply would be ethnicity, nationality, religion and perhaps even career.Yet, these simple boundaries are increasingly coming blurred as races mix, people immigrate, knowledge obtained and the job market […]