A Parody of the Media

A Parody of the MediaEveryday, I check a variety of news sources on the net, TV and radio and have found similar patterns in all of them:HEADLINES!!1. CNNa.) Brittney Spears did something again!!! b.) Paris Hilton also did something!! c.) Why isn’t Nicole Richie doing anything? d.) Christine Amanpour is desperately looking for a war…… Continue reading A Parody of the Media

The Credit Crisis

After reading the headline in the BBC today “Recession fears drag shares lower” I had to post. The word “recession” is equal to the word “terrorist” in causing fear/anxiety but unlike “terrorist” is a word the politicians are afraid to actually say. If you look back at how many times the president and everyone else…… Continue reading The Credit Crisis

Olympic Torch – San Francisco

It seems not a day goes by without some mention of protests and the Olympic torch. I for one didn’t pay much attention until today when I read the Sunday edition of the San Francisco Chronicle 4-6-2008. The articles “2 views of Beijing as Olympics approach,” contained “Tibetan Americans: Bay Area exiles fight to keep…… Continue reading Olympic Torch – San Francisco