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Retarded Advertisement of the Week

Last week I treated myself to Wendy’s. I do not eat very much fast food but have a special affiliation for Wendy’s as it was started in my hometown Columbus, Ohio.

Unfortunately, a few years ago Wendy’s was sold off due to low profits and now I’m not sure who it is owned by. Whoever that is apparently has a very poor marketing department and one of their advertisements struck me as very odd.

“From hide-and-seek to checkers, playing games has always been a family tradition, creating some great memories!  It’s a fun way to spend a little time together laughing, playing and connecting with the people you love. But with all the other things you have to do, who’s got the time?

Let Wendy’s help you Pause.  Play. and spend some quality time Together with the family.  Each Wendy’s Kids’ Meal comes with an exciting game designed for fun family interaction in the car or wherever you are!”

This just baffles me.  I wonder what they mean by “all the other things you have to do.”

If you know me, you understand I have spent a lot of time abroad and stuff like this really sticks out and I cannot help but  read it as a reflection of the culture.

I have never really gotten over the culture shock and from trashy TV to continuous solicitations to buy something it seems I’m in a continuous state of bewilderment.

What an advertisement like this says to me is;

“You’re too busy filling your life with mindless activities that you have no time for what is really important.  Therefore, you need a fast food restaurant to help you with something valuable while also making your family obese.  We will guilt you into buying our fatty foods with the intention that we are doing something noble but in reality just want to give you diabetes.

Not only that, but we suggest you play them in the car instead of paying attention to the road thereby putting you in danger.”

Somebody in the Wendy’s marketing department needs to be fired.

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News – Oil Spill and Awful Politics

It would seem that everyday there is another issue on which opinion is evenly divided down partisan lines.  Healthcare has pretty much gone away and now it is all about the Arizona Immigration bill which ranks about 100% on the outrage meter.  However, this issue is going to linger for a while and perhaps it would be best to focus our attention on the massive amount of oil gushing forth in the gulf of Mexico.  The oil spill is like a four alarm fire at City Hall whereas Immigration has typically been a slow burning building on the outskirts of town that the local population only cares about once in a while.

And as usual this problem has become super political when it really shouldn’t be.  The Left is shouting “Drill Baby Kill” and the Right isn’t saying much since they have highly endorsed drilling for oil off the coasts and like to demonize environmental causes.  I’m not seeing anything on my Google news reader which supports this catastrophe and only Rush is really on the attack saying that Liberals might have blown up this rig (man he has really gone off the deep end).

However, this should not be a political issue and both the Left and Right should put politics aside and find a solution.  The fact is that there are tremendous amounts  of oil rigs that are very safe and have operated safely for many years.  The technology continues to improve and I would say that the oil companies have done a pretty good job at limiting these types of disasters.

The fact is that we need the oil companies to provide us with this dark liquid because until we find a way to replace oil entirely these companies provide a valuable service.

What I take issue with however is the politics surrounding the industry.  The Left seems to ignore the fact that for the moment the US needs oil.  The Right wants to ignore all the dangers and risks associated with drilling.  I really wish both sides would quit bickering and for a calm rational debate without all the spin and PR wizardry that is employed to try and change opinions to one side or the other.

One such PR campaign is Chevron’s “Will You Join Us?”  This places the burden of limiting pollution from oil directly on the consumer.  They say that the consumer should just use less and they are correct.  They also spell out what they are doing to increase efficiency which is also good.  However, I had to laugh when they spoke about studying the migration patters of Sea Turtles to keep their drilling operations as clean as possible.

Drilling for oil in the ocean is anything but clean.  While I was in Saigon I had the great opportunity to meet many oilmen and learn more about their industry.  The Oil business is like the wild west in some of the shenanigans they get up to but would almost seem expected.  I mean, these guys dig for black gooey stuff by digging big holes, they are not teetotalers who really give a hoot about Sea Turtles, that is just to improve public opinion.

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Arizona Immigration Law – A Unique Perspective

Yet again another political issue is all over the media.  And as usual the debate is superficial filled with shallow “talking points,” which paint the issue as black and white and the color you choose being your political affiliation.

I find the debate swirling around the details of the law a bit too much.  For example, will “profiling” be a problem and if the papers are checked only if a crime has been committed.  I feel we need to look at the larger picture.

I have a unique perspective on all this that I would like to share but first let’s do a quick overview of the logic employed by both parties.

1. Republican

The problem is with the “illegal” immigrants.  This means they entered the country illegally and if we are not upholding our own laws then why have laws at all?  People who enter the country legally are welcome but if you do not have your visas in order then you should be deported.

– This makes complete sense but again, I prefer to look at the larger picture.

2. Democrat

The Democrats are more “humanitarian” in that these are real people and we should work with them not just knee-jerk deport them if there is an issue with the visa.

–  It is good to be humanitarian and these people are human beings just trying to make a living.  However, if we cannot enforce our own laws then why have them at all?

Let’s being with the meaning of a “law.”  A law is a random rule or proclamation written by the governing authority in order to bring order/stability etcetera to the land being governed.  These “laws” have no inherent authority on their own as they are just ideas set down on paper and then enforced by the government to get people to act/behave in a certain way.  In the past, some rulers claimed that the “law” came from God which would give it a more superior authority than just the current ruling body.  In the USA, we often say it is “the law of the land,” which implies that the land (dirt, earth) made up the law and it is as old as the dirt itself.

However, laws are neither from God nor the land but are simply rules made up by human beings.  (The law of God is a whole other subject, let’s skip that for now as the only law I can think of regarding immigration is “love thy neighbor as thy self” which would mean Arizona is about to get struck by lightning.)

In order to empower any laws there must be people to follow them and the conditions below must be true:

1. These people must live on land since we are not all swimming in the ocean.
2. The land must have been taken at some point and proclaimed “this is our land, and the law applies to this patch of earth.”
3.  It has been a long time since we took it from the animals so the land must have been taken from another group of people.

So, there is land, it was taken and proclaimed as belonging to a certain group of people that are bound under these ideas we call laws.  BUT, the “law” remains an abstraction that could be dissolved should any of the above conditions change.  Just following the law because it is the law is for men without superior faculties!

If we look at history, the Mexicans used to own a part of the land we now call America.  During this time the Americans came up with the Monroe Doctrine which basically said “Hey Europe, this is our land, leave us alone because we have a law that says you should.”  Then we had the Mexican-American War in which the Americans took land from Mexico.  So basically America was telling Europe to quit trying to take any of its lands but at the same time was taking it from Mexico.

Some schools of thought wonder why the USA didn’t go further into Mexico with one of the reasons being they didn’t want to absorb too many people of Indian decent so stopped their progress.  I don’t know if this is true or not, it is just an interesting point that I’ll return to later.

Therefore, to sum it up, America made a law regarding other powers from taking any lands but did the same thing to other nations.  Aren’t “laws” interesting!!!

Fast forward to today and the Mexican view is that “we didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us!”  So, to the Mexican mind they are simply returning to their former lands regardless of any wars being won or lost or any arbitrary laws that say they shouldn’t.  Heck, if we look at a lot of the names in the Southwestern states they are in Spanish and New Mexico is well… um, Mexico only NEW!!!

The Mexicans did lose the war but that did not mean they couldn’t come to America.  Passports were generally introduced during WW1 in Europe for security reasons (to keep out spies).  Imagine, before WW1 we could go wherever we wanted!!  So even though the land was won by the USA in war from Mexico and some laws were created people could still pretty much travel freely!  Travel freely many people did and there was mass immigration from Europe to the USA.

If we look at history, it seems various groups of people didn’t like the immigrants back then either.  English, Italian, Poles, and so on each came in droves and the racial slur “WOP” means (without pass) because these people were coming to America and were the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS of todays population!!

As time went by America prided itself on being an accepting country and even wrote on the Statue of Liberty the following:

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

– Emma Lazarus, The New Colossus

Well, apparently this doesn’t apply anymore or we wouldn’t be making such a fuss over immigration.  If we look at the big picture the people getting in a huff over illegal immigration are descendants of illegal immigrants themselves.  How’s that for irony!?  In the news today it was also reported in the article Congressman would support deporting US born children of Illegal Immigrants, that he would do just that.  Well, then that begs the question, how many generations of children does that apply to because if it goes back far enough you might be deporting YOURSELF YOU DUFUS!!

Further, people born in America were simply very privileged to be simply born here and now want to keep others out.  This doesn’t seem very reasonable to me since:

a.) They were just lucky to be born here, have no inherent right to keep out others.
b.) Their country used to pride itself on welcoming immigrants.

America really used the moral high ground of welcoming immigrants and being “free” in the past, especially when fighting the cold war.  There is a scene in “The Hunt for Red October,” in which a former citizen of the Soviet Union is allowed to venture forth in his new life in the USA and this dialogue took place:

Borodin: Do you think they will let me live in Montana?
Capt. Ramius: I would think they’ll let you live wherever you want.
Borodin: Good.  Then I will live in Montana. And I will marry a round American woman, and raise rabbits, and she will cook them for me. And I will have a pick-up truck, or umm… possibly even…a recreational vehicle, and drive from state to state. Do they let you do that?
Capt. Ramius: Oh yes.
Borodin: No papers?
Capt. Ramius: No papers. State-to-state.

Well, apparently papers are now needed in the state of Arizona so kiss the moral high ground bye-bye.

But HOLD ON let’s switch gears here as I recently heard a very interesting point in that Mexico would most likely close their borders if we sent all the Americans on welfare down to Mexico.  I’m sure this is true but there is a better example.  The Mexicans really give the Guatemalans a hard time and did close their border!

But instead of playing tit-for-tat and who does what worse it would be better to take the high ground and not even use that example.  Instead let us get to the real issue which is SHOCKING!

There are really no debates about illegal Canadians, English, or other white people.  This is about people of a different color who speak a different language and the white majority doesn’t like it.  Personally, I like it because I speak Spanish and love Mexican culture but this isn’t about me.  I’m simply calling a spade a spade.

This issue is not about laws, profiling, illegal and so on, it is about race and us vs. them mentality.  Remember my point above about America not advancing too far into Mexico because they didn’t want to absorb the Indian people?  Well, the Indians (er Mexicans) are advancing into the USA and it seems not much has changed in peoples attitudes in the last 200 years.

BUT HOLD ON the anti-illegal-immigration advocate would say, “There are many people of different colors in the USA and we have no problems if they have their visa in order.”  This makes sense and I understand their point and they are correct.  However, thinking about this on a high level, laws can be changed if we want them to and America makes certain accommodations for certain folks.  This is just a tidal-wave of “different” people coming in and frankly I think it scares a lot of people.  Again, there is nothing wrong with this, change can be frightening.  I still think if we step back it is about race and the people being a little “too different.”  I think they are afraid of too many of them coming in.  If we go to a personal level most Americans stick to their own groups and only let others in if they are a direct reflection of themselves.  There is a great quote from “Lazarillo de Tormes” in which he says “How many people there must be in the world who run away from others when they don’t see themselves.”

Regarding them taking “American jobs,” what ever happened to the Republican mantra “Doing jobs Americans do not want to do?”  A free wheeling capitalist would welcome all this cheap labor!!  So I’m confused about the political parties,, how can the Tea-party be pro capitalism yet refuse cheap labor??

These “illegal immigrants” are just human beings that are trying to better their lot in life and to use an Australian saying “good on ya mate,” I wish them the best.

The current hub-hub bruhaha of all this is that the white population is a bit frightened and therefore use “the law” which was made by their own politicians to ease any fear of having to deal with these people.

Time goes on, things change if we really followed great religious leaders then we really would “love thy neighbor” and not try to keep them from enjoying the benefits that we Americans were born into.  You want to ease any anxiety, learn Spanish, get smarter, obtain a better job and start loving people.  I’m sure you will be much happier if you did.

As for me, I’m going to go drink a Corona and find a pretty Latina to teach this white boy how to SALSA!!!

A modified version of this post was read on live radio, Youth Beat Radio, WCRS, Community Radio for Columbus.  Click below to listen:

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A Letter to my Foreign Friends (Living in Distant Lands) Warning: Politics involved!

Friends, Amigos and Acquaintances,

I hope you are all well and sorry for the delay in getting you updates. It has now been four years since I came back to the States and what a ride. I got a nice job and joined corporate-land where they use the English language in a strange way such as say they “have so much on my plate,” and other metaphors which take me a minute to “digest.” Things are going well but I have to say I’m really envious of you all at the moment because I’m really missing life over there!!

Life in the USA for the most part has been pretty good. Of course San Francisco is a bit different from what I’m used to but I love the diversity and the weather! Also, SF has some killer technology. Yep, no blackouts by censorship or by power failure.
But boy, sometimes I wish there were. You see, everyday I pick up my awesome Iphone and read the news. This is where the problem lies. One would think by reading the “news” that everyone is extremely angry!!!

It’s not that everyone is really pissed off but the media would make us think so. You see, something close to national healthcare was just passed. No, it is not as good as what you have in your countries but is a step in the right direction. Man, I remember being over there and only having to pay the “foreigner price” of about $25 US for a doctors appointment and the prescription. When I got back here a visit to the doctor which gave me the same information I could have found on Google cost me $150 plus medicine. I then got a job and the co-pay was $25 so thank God I found a job and could let the doctor pass that horrible expense on to my employer.

Actually, I do not need to visit the doctor, almost never!! The only problem is the diet in this country makes you really fat and unhealthy so I’m trying to stick to “ethnic” diets. Otherwise I would be about 250 pounds. I only have to go to the doctor if my employer tells me to because I missed too many days of work and need a doctor’s note. This note costs them about $110. LOL suckers!!!!!

But anyway, we almost got something in terms of healthcare close to what you enjoy in your countries but it would seem everyone is really upset about it. Again, it’s not actually that everyone is *actually* upset but the media would make you think so. Here we have something called Fox news which is a bunch of prom queens, ex-quarterbacks and various neanderthals that like to yell and scream and generally get everyone into a tizzy because Obama won the election. Ever since he took office it has been one big complain-fest.
Yea, I know, Obama promised to stop having America fight all these wars that were unfunded and yea, it was in the Bush presidency in which our national deficit killed the surplus that Clinton created but Obama can’t really fix all the destruction Bush caused in just under a year you know. The problem is that everyone expected him to and the Republicans are really hounding him about it.

It’s not like they were born pissed off but Fox News made them that way so you have to cut them some slack. If you focus their attention on sports then they will forget the Fox talking points and start saying “This team or that SUCKS” or something like that. The trick is to divert their rage to sports and it works quite well!!

Unfortunately, they will watch Fox News again which claims to be “Fair and Balanced” but is the exact opposite. You see, in America you can outright lie and it is still ok. For example, the credit card companies will send you applications so you can have a low rate and then jack it up 2000 percent. Stores will tell you, you can “save money” but actually you are spending it. Yea, I know that we had trouble in the open air markets with always trying to bargain but here in the USA it is already built into the price so people think it is ok to pay outrageous prices. Better hope that the businesses in your countries do not get MBA degrees from our universities!!!

Getting back to Fox News they really have convinced a lot of people to be angry all the time. These same people have nice big houses, cars, and even air conditioning!! You would think they would be happy but no, material things do not create happiness. In the state they are in there will always be one more thing to be unhappy about.

It makes me smile when they say things like “America is trending towards socialism.” It is not that they are being creative using nouns as verbs but rather the fact that they don’t even know what Socialism is. They most likely have never been out of their city and most likely do not hold a passport and even if they could identify where France actually is, they would not realize that it is a Socialist country. They like to put down France a lot. Hell, at one point they even tried to change the name of “French Fries” to “Freedom Fries!!!” LMAO!!

They also do not realize that France was a major factor in helping the USA gain independence from Britain (Sorry Brits!) but instead just put down the country because the other boneheads on their Fox news shows do it. They seriously think that some guys in coonskin hats beat the British army all by themselves. LOLZZZ. Can you believe it!!!! You should!!

But what is really scary is the polarization happening politically now. I’ve actually had people wear “No Obama” T-Shirts and try to get me to debate while I was just walking down the street! Further, we have been having some major splits recently not only between Republicans and Democrats but also between major institutions such as the Catholic Church.

Recently, the Nuns finally put their foot down and told the priests what to do with themselves. As we all know the Nuns are actually the ones that “do the heavy lifting” as we say in business-speak. They run the hospitals, teach the students and make things happen. The priests just sit around and tell people to “have faith” and “it’s a mystery” and stuff like that. I wish the Nuns would have the priests write “I’m a stupid old fart,” 1000 times on a blackboard I swear.

But anywho, what I really miss are the great debates we had. Here, people just recite the same boring talking points they heard on Fox “News” which can get quite ridiculous. This one lady Sara Palin said she could see Russia from her house (she could not) and that we should start another war with Iran. AND PEOPLE BELIEVE HER!!! Heck, they even made her a regular news anchor on Fox!!!

It is not all my countrymen who are crazy, just the ones that listen to the prom queens on Fox News mind you. What really concerns me is even respectable people that were carefree and happy have turned into grumps that complain about everyone having affordable healthcare.

Here in the states they keep complaining about debt which is in fact a problem. One that Bush created with two unfunded wars. Actually, he even increased Medicare which is like healthcare but only for the old people. There were no problems when he did that but now that Obama is trying to get everyone under the umbrella you would think it is Armageddon. So basically when Bush tinkered with healthcare everything was dandy but now that Obama does it people are in a rage.

In fact, the Republicans have a long list of awful things they want to accomplish. To sum it up, the Republican view would be:

1. Go to war with Iran
2. Elect a moron like Sarah Palin who can see Russia from her house.
3. Deny others healthcare except for old people which is ok.
4. Create more pollution by drilling for oil so we can drive bigger cars than we already have.
5. Bitch about debt when it was under Bush’s watch that the surplus went away.
6. Argue about Climate change so eventually everyone can breath in the pollution we know is atrocious in certain cities already. Man, even in the Bay Area you can no longer see to the other side very clearly. Instead, you see a hazy brown outline of the mountains on the other side.

And to add to this nonsense they are into calling everyone “A Great American” and keep saying things like “The American People believe
…” and so on. It is almost like the propaganda we were used to except they treat it as REAL NEWS instead of simple propaganda that people can see through. I’m not sure how long it will be until we find a word just as useful as “comrade,” because “You sir, are a great American,” just takes too long to say. Perhaps they could say “Americanissimo,” but that would perhaps sound too Spanish and that is another can of worms I’ll have to address later.

Anyway, I know we had some troubles living in countries other than our own but I swear it is better than everyone being angry all the time like in the USA. Even just driving your car, the road rage that goes on here in the cities would make your head spin.

And oh yea, I read a debate about if John Kerry got a purple heart or not and again, people got really mad. There of course was no debate about the Gulf of Tonkin not being the North Vietnamese fault or about the millions of people killed there. You see, a certain portion of the population only cares about their own, not what they do to other countries. So they showcase personal stories only about US personnel and how they are coping after war. I have yet to see an equal story about the hardships that were inflicted on people living in the target country. It would seem the media really doesn’t care about all the foreigners they killed and if they do they are all just branded “Terrorists,” or a generic term they created called “Collateral Damage.” To be honest, war is entertainment now and even if things go very wrong the population has a very short term memory.

They simply cannot understand that when a simple villager sees a warplane come to drop a bomb on his village and kill his family that what the villager should recognize is that the plane is really dropping 1000 pounds of FREEDOM on the village. Besides, they are just watching it from their comfortable armchair in their living room and believe that all is just dandy. After all, the plane did not drop 1000lbs of Freedom on their neighborhood so why should they care.

And you know, those kids we saw all deformed from the chemicals, well a certain portion of the population has already forgotten about that and even if they did remember it was all in the cause of Freedom anyway so IT’S ALL GOOD in their opinion. All the devastation caused is barely a flicker of a memory except of course for the adventuresome folks such as yourselves that see it firsthand.

Sorry if I’m getting upset but living back here in America is sometimes very hard on me when I watch the news and see all the spin. It’s not that day to day life is hard, or trying to ignore all the sales pitches, or the reality TV shows which teach people to be degenerate, or the state of politics in which some people believe there will even be another CIVIL WAR due to healthcare. I just really miss the incredible debates we had and all the amazing insight. Instead, I am subjected to a nice dose of hate every single day in the news media from spoiled over-privileged folks that believe just because they were born here and afforded a good education believe they are entitled to everything and everything.
So, thanks for listening and I hope to see you guys sooner than later. I really just needed to vent and it’s impossible to do so here unless I meet another person who has spent time abroad and understands how things really are. Don’t worry about the USA, it’s still a great place to visit, especially San Francisco. But if you see someone with a placard around their neck screaming racist remarks and spitting on you please walk in the other direction. They have just watched too much Fox “News.”

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10 Minutes of Insanity – Post gets worse as it goes along.

There is nothing like the “news” in America these days. Actually, most programs which claim to be “news” are really just opinions. Yet, these “opinions” are really just emotional outbursts which center on certain talking points. The talking points revolve around central themes which just happen to orbit two centers of gravity known as political parties.

News used to follow the format where “such and such happened and this is the outcome.” Now, it would seem that on one side it is more “such and such is happening which IS DESTROYING AMERICA.” In the other camp the retort would be “Don’t listen to those knuckle-draggers as most of them probably didn’t graduate High School.” As the media portrays things one side is pissed off 24 hours a day and the other side is elitist and snide.

For me, I’ve spent enough time “out of orbit” and read enough that my opinions might seem like they are coming from deep space or perhaps even another dimension. So without further delay lets get into them.

1. Outrage

– This is the new brand of news media. It doesn’t matter what the topic is you have to be outraged by it. It’s like trashy reality TV but actually about serious issues. The networks know that if they are able to get people fired up, their viewership will increase which will be better for ratings. These ratings translate into advertising dollars so the more outrage the better. Once you get enough viewers one can even start selling GOLD!

The majority of this outrage is usually contained in the manufactured world of the news media. But like nuclear radiation has a fair amount which slips out and infects the population. Therefore, when I’m walking down the street I do not see most Americans yelling and screaming at each other, but like proper city folk you do your best to avoid eye contact, ignore everyone and get to where you are going. However, here in San Francisco, the infected do actually have protest cards around their necks and are asking me to be pissed off about something too.

When we were in Lake Tahoe last week there was a fat, bald, middle-aged white man with an Obama T-shirt on that said “Hopeless.” My wife had just taken a picture of the inside of our hotel and he asked “Do you want to take a picture of my T-Shirt?”

Well, first of all my wife doesn’t give a rats ass about politics in the USA as she is not from here. Second of all, why would my wife want to take a picture of a fat, middle-aged white man who likes to be pissed off and wear T-shirts to make other people mad as well? If we think about it, this fat, middle-aged man could actually be a nice representation of what is happening on a larger scale. He is in a beautiful place like Lake Tahoe, staying at a nice hotel but chooses to be pissed off. People like him who live in a nice place like America, have a bunch of possessions and the highest living standard in the world want to be pissed off too.

The problem here is not so much arguing about who is president and if healthcare will pass or not but rather the fury the media is generating will continue no matter what happens. I could not imagine watching Fox news and not having them be pissed off or something. Imagine if healthcare fails, Obama loses the re-election and the USA installs a nice middle-aged white WASP who drills all the oil out of America and cuts all the taxes. Would it be possible for Fox to stop the outrage? NOOOOOOOO!!!! Their entire model is based on outrage so they will have to find something else to harp on. (And of course the Republicans wouldn’t cut all the taxes)
I could not imagine Beck standing in front of his chalkboard and have nothing to write. Well, perhaps I could and he would write “America is beautiful today.” Then, the show would be boring, viewership would decrease and the man would lose his job. If Beck and O’Reilly cannot find something to go berserk about they would all lose their jobs!!! So, in fact, they are really reliant on the Democrats for their own job security!

Their audience would then turn to other sources and I wonder what the future themes would look like? Let’s take a stab at it.

1. War

– There must be somewhere to make war and a country who is just not enjoying enough Freedom. What they would do here is to find a country without enough freedom but not strong enough to really hurt America. Then, they send all the soldiers over there. The Democrats will cry to bring them back but the Right would say NO, those people need freedom! Then they can make “freedom baskets” or start programs like cell phones for troops and all the SUV moms would have something to do to support the soldiers. The soldiers cannot come home because then there would be nothing for the Soccer moms to do. First you have to put them into a war, make sure they stay there and then make signs to support the troops (but not enough support to actually bring them back, just enough to send them cookies or something.)

2. Set up Democracy and build up the economy

– For the democracy part we divide the natives up into two camps with the goal of getting them to fight each other like the Republicans and Democrats do. Introduce universal health care so they can create media programs which make the rest of the population OUTRAGED! Some countries already have universal healthcare and some have no healthcare at all. We could introduce the American way of some people having healthcare and others have none at all and then it would be perfect because they would then have something to be angry about just like us.

– Then send over our world beating companies to employ everyone while taking jobs away from Americans. Sure, the Americans without jobs would complain but they could just blame it all on the Democrats because they are too weak to put belligerent talk show hosts on the air. So any subsequent problems are just blamed on Democrats,,,,,, or the president,,,,, so long as he is a Democrat.

The profits from these world beating companies are thus transferred back to the country of origin which depletes the wealth of the conquered,,,,er,, I mean country that needed more freedom. But hey, the workers over there make $1 an hour and are employed which looks good. For the American workers out of a job we can just blame it on the Democrats as they are the source of all problems. AND speaking of freedom…..

3. Freedom

– I don’t understand what this is. For as long as I’ve lived in America I cannot remember being free. They first made me go to school for the first 18 years of my LIFE!! We were controlled by tyrannical despots who made us sit in unmovable positions for 8 hours a day. Then we graduated but simply moved to another place called an office where we have to sit for 8 hours a day and are controlled by a tyrannical despot now know as “the boss.” We have to get this paper product called “money” which we then have to give to other people so we can buy land and a house or some form of shelter.

Sooooo, we are stuck in an office only to give our reward (money) to other people so we can not get rained on. The only light at the end of the tunnel is retirement when we saved enough paper products to do what we really want to do but then are 70 years old so have to spend it pretty quick.

Furthermore, there are these things called taxes. No matter where I go it seems like these “taxes” keep appearing and taking my money. I used to enjoy tax day as it meant the government gave me money. Now, the government is taking it which I do not like very much at all. Where I ask, is the freedom from taxes??

To me, this doesn’t sound like freedom at all. Somehow, it looks a lot more like society where one has to abide by innumerable rules and if the game is played right can have more time to do that which one truly enjoys.

So what does true freedom look like? Well, first of all I would have ditched school just as soon as I was able to comprehend what was going on. Then, I wo
uld go out into the countryside and claim some land. This would be a problem though because I think all the land is controlled by someone or other. If I check the city records it is probably owned by xyz corporation. I trace it back and xyz corporation bought it off zyx corporation who bought it off Farmer Jeb. Farmer Jeb was given the land by the Federal Government who bought it off the French. The French took it from the Indians. The Indians took it from other Indians who didn’t have strong enough bows and arrows.

So I ask which land I can have and am surprised to learn that all the land is controlled by some company individual or another. Therefore, I go really far out into the country, perhaps in rural South Dakota only to be surprised that I can have absolutely no land for free. Again, we return to the obtaining of this paper called money so I can buy the land which was bought from the corporation that was bought from farmer Jeb, which was bought by the Federal Government from the French who took it from the Indians who took them from other Indians who took it from the animals. It seems that if I do not play the game I cannot be free.

So, I hightail it to Canada but realize it is too cold up there. So I come back but then get stopped by these people with dogs known as Immigration. They ask to see my documents. I don’t have any documents so they tell me I cannot come in. I tell them I’m exercising my freedom from documents and they throw me into a holding cell. I tell them that in America we are supposed to all be for Freedom but they tell me we can only have freedom if we have documents.
Upon my interrogation I decide to speak only in Japanese. They get angry because they cannot understand Japanese. I try to explain that I’m exorcising my freedom to not speak English but this doesn’t get me very far.

At this point I forsake all my freedoms and speak in the language that will get results which is English. I ignore my freedom from documents and give them all my information so they can keep track of me and give me documents which gets me in the country. I relinquish my freedom of free time and find a job to get money so I can buy some land.

It turns out that the land I bought has very valuable minerals and even oil. I employ people to cut down all the trees, drain all the oil and strip mine for the minerals. People start complaining that I’m destroying the countryside and polluting. I exorcise my right to be free of corruption and pay off my congressman so he wins the election and provides me with permits to continue business. The toxins from the strip mining get into the water and cause everyone cancer. I exorcise my freedom to not care about my fellow human beings but to make everyone feel better start an advertising campaign with a leaf on it saying “It is all our responsibility to care about the environment,,,,, WON’T YOU JOIN US?” I even employ a guy with a nice soft voice who narrates the commercial for me.

Then I’m so rich I decide to take a trip to China to see what is going on over there. I half expect to be thrown into a state hotel and told how I am going to spend my vacation. To my surprise they are doing the exact same things we do in America except there are no Glen Becks or O’Reillys bitching about the government. I ask some students about their freedom and why their government doesn’t want to let them leave the country. I’m very surprised to hear that it is America that won’t give them visas!!!! It reminds me of my own time crossing the border from Canada and all the nonsense about documents. It appears that they require the Chinese to have documents too but most importantly the Visa!!!!

But back in America they are just harping on all the non-freedoms these people don’t have but from their point of view it is America that is hindering their freedom to travel to the USA. Interesting…. very interesting indeed….

At this point I come back to the USA and am determined to make sense of it all and glue my eyeballs to Fox T.V. Unfortunately after about three weeks of non-stop viewing the following just spews out of my mouth and I cannot control it:

SOCIALISTS, boots on the ground , hearts and minds, middle east, Democrats hate America, support the troops in that country over there which I think is located next to France, I like freedom fries, fair and balanced news, PRAY, FREEDOM, don’t take my guns, GOD, Terrorists, death panels, YOU BETCHA, Russia is located next to my house,