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Journal Entry – 12.2.2016

It is 5:51 AM.  I’ve caught a cold from my youngest boy and not feeling too great.  One thing about colds though is that they really make you appreciate your health.  This cold in-particular has actually reduced my stress/anxiety level a bit because it has forced me to slow down, take a deep breath and […]


Politics on 11.23.2016 – Trump, Romney and other things

The date is November 23rd, 2016. The media is still going berserk with hundreds if not thousands of articles every few hours on the Trump presidency and the world of politics. As for the Liberals, they are still thrashing wildly about unable to accept the result of the election.  There have been many pieces on […]

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Hillary Clinton – Disappointment

I’m making this an LTMD as there is enough being written about Hillary’s shock loss and I’m not interested in adding to the conversation.  I just want to let my descendants in the far future know some of my current thoughts.  And my thoughts are this: Most of us, including myself, only know politicians by […]


The New York Times and The Economist

If you’re an avid reader of both The Economist and The Times, then you will know there has been an ongoing feud between Paul Krugman, The Times Senior Economic party-pooper in chief and the identity-less army of economists at The Economist.

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What is Marriage? – A Unique Perspective

Is marriage something the state confers upon the couple or is it religion? Or perhaps it is a promise we make to ourselves and our partner? How much weight should we give to “authorities” and under what authority do they derive their own authority? Do they really even matter?