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Politics, Religion and getting into the holiday spirit

It is 3:45 AM and I’m feeling a little grumpy.  I did not want to feel grumpy, I wanted to be in a holiday mood!  So perhaps this post will let me release a bit of grumpiness and then perhaps if I concentrate I can switch my mood.

The reason I’m a bit sour is I opened up my phone and clicked on the NextDoor app.  One of the first posts was a neighbor – we’ll call him Frank – wishing everyone a happy Winter Solstice.  There were a few nice replies but then one from the old man down the road who insists on keeping a really junky spray painted sign that reads “Jesus is Lord.”  He tells his neighbors this:

Merry Christmas to all of my neighbors. And please remember the birth of Jesus is why we celebrate this blessed season. Happy new year also! I’m so glade we got a brand new president not made of the same old cloath.

Pacifica is known for its characters who have lived here their entire lives and perhaps never ventured any farther than Lodi and this guy is certainly one of them.  But on the overall Pacifica is a very liberal place and there was an excellent response from another longtime Pacifican.

OK. Let’s talk about this “taking the christ out of christmas” harrassment. Most of our late december festivities, including red peaked hats, gildedtrees, feasting, and the exchange of gifts come directly from both paganism and the roman saturnalia. Jesus was theoretically born most likely in summer.

Now, just as with marriage (which existed before the age of christ), christians are more than welcome to adopt the solstice festival and adapt it to their own beliefs. This is marvelous, actually. But as with marriage, there seems to be this desire to translate “adaptation” into a “mandate.” The solstice at the peak of winter has been celebrated by many cultures in many ways since the dawn of civilization. People should be allowed to recognize (or not) and celebrate in their own way. If one culture adopts the practices of another, how can they then turn around and tell everyone else that their new version is the only version, and scoff and complain and feel oppressed by any other practice?

The post wasn’t what made me grumpy.  What made me grumpy is the realization that a very large portion of Americans think the same way as Frank and these people have just elected Donald Trump.  Facts and logic do not matter for these people; Science is suspect and for the most part are fed a distorted view of reality from one single ‘news’ channel.

But they can be forgiven because Hillary was very unlikable and the Democratic party completely corrupted as was shown by Wikileaks.

What is worse than a President Trump is religion which has distorted humanities view of reality for millennia!  Christianity is what I’m most familiar with having grown up in it and it took a long time of traveling, reading, and thinking to realize that it isn’t true.  Religion on the whole are fairy tales made up for humanity to try and explain his existence, the universe which surrounds him and to comfort him from the extreme terror of not knowing.

As I have traveled, read, and thought even more as I grow older I’ve become completely astounded at how billions of people can believe these fairy tales and how strongly it holds them it its grasp.  Having grown up in a Catholic household I’ve come to understand that they believe it because it is what they’ve been taught their entire lives; it is what their neighbors believe and it is their heritage.  This is the same case for other religions as well as the bulk of adherents were taught to believe since birth.  It is rare for a believer of one faith to switch to another without some extreme reason for doing so.

I guess one of the reasons it really shocks me is because I had always believed in common knowledge, that truth will always prevail and that mainstream thinking would always remain on a true and correct course grounded in science, logic and reason.

Well, with the election of Trump I and the rest of the world have been jolted into the realization that humanity will not always adhere to reason and may not follow the logical, well thought out path.  For me, the election of Trump is exciting in the fact that there will be some real change; it just might be absolutely terrible change but there is also the alternative that it might actually be good.  The world isn’t looking great right now and I’ve grown tired of all this ‘hope’ talk from the Obamas.

*Side tangent – I saw Michelle Obama speaking with Oprah about how we all need to have hope and frankly many do not have hope right now.  Well, my thought is we elected President Obama on the premise of hope and they had eight years to turn hope into reality.  Well, they failed pretty badly as we now have Trump and a Supreme Court that will veer America to the right for decades to come.  I would call that a massive failure.  But no, the media is giving them tearful goodbyes and saying how wonderful they were.  A successful coach not only does well in one season but lays the groundwork for another successful season to follow.  The Democrats have failed terribly in one of their main responsibilities which are to have further successful seasons.  What do you do with a coach who has a mediocre eight years and then never wins a game for the next four? I’m firing the Democrats and going elsewhere.

But politics isn’t my main target for this rant, it is religion.  Aside from putting blinders on the majority of humanity for almost as long as humans have been around I wouldn’t say I’m anti-religious.  Like I said I grew up in the Catholic faith and appreciate the quiet calm of an empty church or cathedral.  I like to walk in and take a seat on the creaky wooden bench which briefly breaks the silence and recognize the smell of incense burnt weeks ago.  Through the church’s stone walls pass currents of many life experiences: birth, marriage and joy, death and sorrow are all experienced here day after day, year after year through the generations and in an ever changing world.  If you sit and quiet the ruckus that is going on in your own mind you can feel traces of emotions, the energy of the souls who have experienced important, life changing events within the church’s walls.

Religion is quite useful in getting people to be still, reflect and pray.  Unfortunately I believe that ‘prayer’ as far as Christianity is concerned at least, has also been corrupted in that instead of turning inward towards your own divine nature it is aimed at the external, at God and at a human turned idol which is Jesus.  Modern prayer is always asking for this and that, give me this or that, do this or that for me.  In fact, even though I had gone to church thousands of times in my life it wasn’t until I attended after having been away for a decade that I was able to hear what the priest was saying with new ears.

The priest was telling God what to do, and to please do this and that and the congregation always repeats what they are to believe with the Nicene Creed and then the priest tells God/Jesus to do some more things.  Instead of just accepting all of this as I had been taught to do as a child I heard the mass with a rational, logical mind.  Through my extensive travels and studies and all that I had learned over the past two decades this mass no longer made any sense to me.  Yes, I agree that there is much that humans cannot understand with our very limited brains but there is also much we can understand and I understand Christianity to be based on falsehood.

Christianity is based on one major pillar and that is the divinity of Christ.  If that is not true then all of Christianity falls down.  I have come to think of Christianity as one enormous cult.  Christians today now scoff at the cult of Jupiter or Osiris little knowing that they themselves are now in a cult created from very similar cloth;  humans thousands of years from now will regard Christianity as a religion for primitive humanity, a time in which many professed to believe in peace and justice yet waged war and destroyed the planet.  Religions of peace and love fought and killed the other religions of peace and love.  Their school children will read about this in the history books and become quite confused.  In fact, they may become quite sad that they are descended from those who professed peace on Sunday yet advocated war on Monday and every other day of the week.

Well look at that, I’m now in a better mood!  It is 5:22 AM and I feel the need for another hour or so of sleep before the day begins.  I can get in the holiday spirit, I know I can!

Journal Politics

Journal Entry – 12.2.2016

It is 5:51 AM.  I’ve caught a cold from my youngest boy and not feeling too great.  One thing about colds though is that they really make you appreciate your health.  This cold in-particular has actually reduced my stress/anxiety level a bit because it has forced me to slow down, take a deep breath and put things into perspective.  That perspective being, to not take my health for granted, stop worrying so much about work and enjoy life.

I’m hoping I feel much better tomorrow because I have a karate test for the next level.  Speaking of stress I was also a little stressed to see if we would be invited to take the test or not.  We finally received our invitations after karate class on Monday and then my cold hit.  Either way I have to take the test so I can learn new things with the new level, I just wish it could be done without a cold.

Other things that have been on my mind is that for the first time in a long while I can truly get a sense of the feelings that the conservative side feels.  As one of their websites say they are 100% fed up.  I was speaking with someone from back home about the attack at Ohio State where the attacker ran their car into students and started stabbing people.  This hits close to home (literally) because I’m from Ohio and went to Ohio State!

The person I was speaking with is another liberal, a Democrat, and she was saying, “You know, enough is enough.”  This is one of the feelings that have washed over a very large part of the country.  It is scary and especially so because I find myself feeling that darkness, that dislike starting to creep into my own mind.  It seems the attacker was feeling out of place, as though he wasn’t being accommodated enough.  He had a hard time finding a place to pray at Ohio State.  He was upset about the USA interfering in other countries and stated that if the USA wanted these lone wolf attacks to stop they should stop interfering.

Yes, I for one agree that the USA should stop interfering but driving a car into students at OSU and stabbing them is not the solution.  I’m open minded, worldly, and consider myself pretty smart but yet I cannot help but feel that I’m starting to agree with the conservative side, wrong as they may be.  Yes, Muslims that commit attacks like this are a very small minority.  Yes, if it was a Christian the attack the media would say it was due to mental issues, or something like that.  It is only with Muslim attacks that they are called terrorist attacks.

Then there is the Black Lives Matter movement which has a small minority of people that destroy property.  However, that destruction overshadows the movement and galvanizes Trump supporters who see the whole thing as lawlessness that needs to be brought under control.

Agree with me or not, the very grave fact remains that we now have a President Trump who wants to create a database of Muslims and bring law and order back aka. smack down some protesters.

So as for my own opinion?  No, this is definitely not good.  The best scenario?:  Muslims continue to integrate into American society, America stops the constant war overseas, young Muslim youths stop carrying out attacks, America has a frank discussion about racism, the black community honestly looks at their own problems and struggles, and America figures out what kind of society it wants to have.

But no, it is all a big mess.  Obama did not address the concerns of the middle class white voter enough and so we get a demagogue in Trump.  Black Lives Matter’s rogue element went too far and is responsible for the ambushes on police which has resulted in a backlash in support of the police.  The guy down the street from me now hangs a black and white “think blue line” flag in support of police.  I too support the police but worry that a certain element base their support in racism and hate.  And now some kid attacks my hometown?

Yes, liberals will use all these lofty arguments, poke a million holes in what I’ve said above and so on.  However, I AM a super liberal, I’ve been around the world, and yet the feeling that Conservative “enough is enough” feeling has also started to creep into my brain and I’d like to see more support for police and more immigration controls, especially from troubled parts of the world.

This scares me because if I’m feeling this way then what are a large number of my country men feeling?  They’ve already elected Trump so how nasty are things going to get?

Finally, here is a video one of my old friends recently shared on Facebook.  Same feelings that again, got Trump elected.


Politics on 11.23.2016 – Trump, Romney and other things

The date is November 23rd, 2016.

The media is still going berserk with hundreds if not thousands of articles every few hours on the Trump presidency and the world of politics.

As for the Liberals, they are still thrashing wildly about unable to accept the result of the election.  There have been many pieces on how far Hillary is now ahead with the popular vote; there are petitions to give the Presidency to Hillary and there are many pieces on how voting machines might have been manipulated or hacked in many states.

To be honest, this really turns me off and I no longer want to call myself a liberal as it is known here in the USA.  There were protests where they smashed private property and otherwise destroyed a bunch of stuff (par for the course in Oakland.)  The mouthpieces such as The Huffington Post and Mother Jones still cannot accept the result and publish fanciful trash articles.  The main hashtag is #notmypresident which is cute but yes, if you’re an American citizen Trump is now your President no matter how many signs you make or times you reference the hashtag above.  People are talking about how much crap the Republicans gave Obama and so now they’re going to do all they can to obstruct a Trump presidency.

Let’s all give it a rest people.  Pull out your yoga mats drink some organic, fair trade tea and settle down!  You’ve got to admit that Hillary could have easily won but a very large percentage of Democrats didn’t even show up to vote and many others voted for Trump!  Hell, even the saving grace Latino vote had 25% vote for Trump!  So, as I mentioned before I really don’t even see the point of being a Democrat anymore when many of the stereotypes are turning out to be true.  So many of them are just too lazy to even vote so perhaps the awful things Republicans say aren’t too far off the mark.

Now let’s talk about the Republicans.  It is quite amusing to see Romney, just moments ago the virulent Trump critic dropping his pants, bending over and saying “Give it to me Mr. Trump, please give me an appointment, I really don’t care how big or small it is!”  What a weak and pathetic man.  These types of people will do anything to advance their political careers, quite possibly even literally taking it up the poop chute if it meant a spot in the administration.  And this guy comes from a religion that prides itself on moral character!  What a farce religion and politics are!

There is also the White Nationalist meeting that took place and also caused quite an uproar.  This is going to be highly unpopular to say, but let’s give that a rest too people.  The video showed probably fifty people maximum,(275 in attendance) four or five made Nazi salutes and the media as well as foreign governments went ballistic.  One would think that the entire South had just donned KKK attire by the reaction!

Take it from Superman
Take it from Superman

I think it got the reaction it did because seeing something like that, no matter how small, is so incredibly un-American and goes completely against all that America has stood for since the Civil War!  There is no place for that type of thing here, yet there it was in a Federal Building!  I also think that many people are afraid that this could spread, or worse, even be how many Americans actually feel and an official meeting like this is just letting the genie out of the bottle.  The thought is, “shit, we better put a lid on this because many of our citizens might not be as intelligent as we assumed and actually buy into this nonsense.”  After all, most assumed the citizens of the USA wouldn’t elect a President Trump yet here we are with a President Trump!  Surely, most Americans aren’t racist, idiot low-lifes right???  Well, no, I guess we’re not so sure after all and this makes a lot of people nervous.

As for me, I still have faith in the inherent goodness of people.  This little gathering of scum will just be a tiny footnote in the hysteria that occurred after the election of President Trump.  They all got together as they usually do at their clubhouses, tried their best to speak some German (Lügenpresse) when many of them have a hard enough time with English.  I bet maybe one could actually speak some German, the others just like to play pretend because it makes them feel smart to know a few words in another language.  And you know what:  the incredible press coverage of this little meeting must have helped their recruitment tremendously.  The meeting went viral, so much so that other governments felt the need to comment!  Well done Lügenpresse your incessant coverage of Trump helped get him elected and now this.  YOU’RE NOT HELPING!! And like many things in America these days you’re only interested in profit, in how many more papers you can sell or clicks you can get.  Oh, and you were completely wrong about who would win the election; that was kind of important you know.

Switching gears I’ve actually started using Twitter just so I can keep updated on what the President-elect is saying.  To be quite honest, he is starting to make me smile as he walks back so many of his campaign promises.  He will “keep an open mind,” on climate change, there have been some good things in Obama Care and so on.  I am holding out hope that by some miracle or grand design of the universe he will actually make the world better instead of crashing the country into a wall.  After all, he doesn’t seem to be beholden to much like most politicians who are bought and paid for.

The Left is sure he will drive this bus off a cliff.  This is a possibility but just as surprising as his win was, perhaps he might surprise us again by fixing a number of things that weren’t working correctly.  Or perhaps, there will be a lot of drama and a lot of news articles but things won’t fundamentally change much and he’ll be gone in four years?  In any case, America voted for him and so now we need to take a hard look at ourselves and where we are.

After all, I consider myself very liberal but am so thoroughly disgusted with the Democratic party right now am considering leaving.  Stop whining about the popular vote, the election was lost; stop trying to change the rules of the game after you’ve lost like a five year old having a tantrum.  Hillary didn’t even apologize to us for losing; she blamed everyone else and from what I understand isn’t a very nice person anyway.

And what state is the world in anyway?  We’re on the verge of WW3 in Syria and the South China Sea, our Obama Care premiums keep rising with no end in sight and Trump was certainly right about the infrastructure crumbling.  Race relations are quite low even though we have a black President and I feel leaders have let things go too far with the cops vs. BLM.  Yes there is racism, there is always racism, it doesn’t go away just with beautiful speeches by the President.  But what has been ignored by the Liberals is what cops have to deal with everyday and is that crime is committed in very disproportionate areas and populations.  That is a truth the Liberals will never admit and so we cannot have an open and honest discussion. One side just blames the other and things never get better.

So I have to admit, I’m with Trump on the law and order campaign promise.  Things have swung too far into lawlessness.

And besides, looking at American culture with the depraved reality TV, constant sex and violence on the most popular shows, worship of sports and entertainment, and general ignorance about the rest of the world, isn’t a President Trump what America deserves?  Is he not the perfect avatar of what this nation has become?

LTMD Politics

Hillary Clinton – Disappointment

I’m making this an LTMD as there is enough being written about Hillary’s shock loss and I’m not interested in adding to the conversation.  I just want to let my descendants in the far future know some of my current thoughts.  And my thoughts are this:

Most of us, including myself, only know politicians by the news and information we receive.  From this information we form an opinion based on our own mindset, beliefs and what we’ve been taught through the course of our lives.  So I don’t know Hillary, I only know ‘of her’ through the information I read.

From this information I’ve found that she is just another self-serving politicians with an ‘unbridled ambition’ that for the first time in her life has been shot down.  She took none of the blame for losing the election on herself, but rather her and the other old lady – Nancy Pelosi – blamed the FBI for bringing up the e-mail scandal again very close to the election.

That is not the reason she lost.  The reason she lost is because she isn’t likable, couldn’t galvanize her base and nobody really wanted to vote for her.  I voted for her although I really didn’t want to; I voted for her in order to try to keep Trump from winning.  So there you have it, the truth!  She lost because not many really wanted to vote for her.  She is a career politician and from what I’ve heard from a buddy who worked under her is that the way she runs things is atrocious.

She should apologize to all of us.  She should apologize for making her own ambitions more important than for the welfare of the country.  She said that recently she has just wanted to curl up with a good book and stay in the house???  She should be writing a novel of an apology to the entire nation for screwing things up!  It is hard to even make up some of the scandal.  Let’s just recap.

Her main advisor Huma Abedin had a husband who liked to send dick pictures to underage girls.  He was caught doing it as a Congressman, disgraced, and lost his job.  But then he did it AGAIN and the FBI found Clinton e-mails which reopened the case to her own scandal of using her private server for classified information which was illegal and made humongous lies about.  But Hillary is not the type to blame herself, she will blame the FBI publicly, blame Huma and most certainly Anthony as well, but privately, and then perhaps all the voters who are directly responsible for not voting for her!

I do feel a little sorry for Huma.  As I said above I only know these people through information on the internet but I’m also very good at reading people.  Huma seems like a sweet person to me from the videos I’ve seen on YouTube.  I really do not understand how someone as beautiful and smart as her would go for someone as weak, frail and conceited as Weiner.  It is most likely because he was politically powerful; after all isn’t that what women in Washington D.C. want?  She is also connected to some pretty powerful Saudis so it could be she is just another spoiled brat.  But, I really do think that at her core she is a sweet girl and it is always a terrible to see a woman with a broken heart.

Huma Abedin Said to Suffer Emotional Breakdown

Anyway, I’ve never wanted the wife of a previous President to become President.  I feel it makes us look like a third world country where government is a family business.  Regarding her ambitions, there are reports that she didn’t take the loss too well.  This is from the Conservative side but highly believable in my opinion.

Sources have told The American Spectator that on Tuesday night, after Hillary realized she had lost, she went into a rage. Secret Service officers told at least one source that she began yelling, screaming obscenities, and pounding furniture. She picked up objects and threw them at attendants and staff. She was in an uncontrollable rage. Her aides could not allow her to come out in public. It would take her hours to calm down. As has been reported for years, her violent temper got the best of her. Talk about having a temperament ill-suited for having access to the atomic bomb. So Podesta went out and gave his aimless speech.


So, I’ve had serious thoughts of registering myself as an Independent based on this.  The Democratic party in its current form can burn to the ground.  The Republicans too seem to have imploded only to rise from the ashes as a bright phoenix – making a clean sweep in the elections of the House, Senate and Presidency – that, given government, power and greed as they are, will once again burn and become ashes.  I just hope that Trump doesn’t screw it up so much that my metaphor of ashes doesn’t become literal ashes with a nuclear war.  I’m no longer convinced that there is some wise person at the wheel and I’m not that confident in the strength of US institutions.  We just saw the Presidency fall to a demagogue, why couldn’t other institutions do the same?

I do have hope and that hope is that Trump will continue to grab the Republicans by the pussy and throw them around the same way he did in the primary.  From his nominations for certain posts it certainly doesn’t seem that way.  I am glad that a brick was thrown through the window of the establishment but I just wish it had been a Democratic brick which had a name – Bernie Sanders.  Hillary screwed all that up and she should take the blame.

I’ve also heard that Chelsea has become a spoiled brat from leaked memos thanks to Wikileaks.  That is too bad; I remember when she was just a shy kid holding her Dad’s hand.  Now she’s part of the aristocracy, part of the club with Ivanka Trump and her super rich husband.  With this election I really don’t see why America kids itself about being a great country, one for the people anymore.  I’m sure I could be proven wrong but isn’t the Presidency and politics really for the aristocrats?  Even if they do not participate directly, they certainly grease the wheels and control the strings that make those puppet politicians dance.  That was proven by Citizens United.

America needs to face the facts that like most countries, this is a place for the wealthy.  Fuck, we should just stop kidding ourselves, chose the most powerful billionaire and make him King (or her Queen).  Those poor bastards that voted for Trump are going to quickly learn that Trump doesn’t care for them, he cares for his rich buddies and they were all conned.

I really do hope I’m wrong about all this and Trump really does make things better and succeeds in doing so.

As for me, I’m pretty disillusioned with politics and not even entirely sure I’ll ever participate in the process again.


The New York Times and The Economist

The New York Times and The Economist


In the New York Times this morning there is a wonderful article entitled “The Economist Tends Its Sophisticated Garden.”  As a decade old subscriber I was very curious to see how my favorite magazine would be treated by the Times.

After treading the opening introduction of The Economist, I am extremely impatient to see how the Economist is going to respond.  Being a British publication I am quite sure they will come up with a stinging, witty response to The Times.  Or not, I have never been able to understand those British but I am voting for a STINGING, WITTY RESPONSE!

*Note to The Economist Editors – Please don’t let me down.

If you’re an avid reader of both The Economist and The Times, then you will know there has been an ongoing feud between Paul Krugman, The Times Senior Economic party-pooper in chief and the identity-less army of economists at The Economist.

*Note: I still like Paul Krugman and his articles.  🙂

The formula goes:

1. Paul writes an economic article – Usually that the apocalypse is coming.
2. The Economist, not liking their turf to be tread upon, tells Paul he is wrong.
3. Repeat.

I was aware of the recent spat but doing a quick search, the first article I came upon was from 2008:  Krugman’s conundrum

Recently, things have gotten ugly.

1. The Times – “I’m Gonna Haul Out The Next Guy Who Calls Me ‘Crude’ And Punch Him In The Kisser,” – Paul Krugman

This was in response to,

2. The Economist – Austerity Alarm – Which really upset Mr. Krugman by saying this:

“Mr Krugman’s crude Keynesianism underplays the link between firms’ and households’ behaviour and their expectations of future tax and spending policy.”

Which was in response to,

3. The Times – The Third Depression – Paul Krugman

Boy, things are becoming very interesting concerning The Times and The Economist.  Again, I’m very impatient for The Economists reply to the recent dig by The Times!!

The Times states:

“The newsweekly, a bible of global affairs for those who wear aspirations of worldliness on their sleeves, did not become a status symbol overnight. It took 25 years of clever advertising that tugs at the insecurities and ambitions of the status-seeking reader to help the magazine get there.”

I cannot say why others may read the Economist but I can tell you The Times definitely has my number as one “who wears aspirations of worldliness on their sleeves.”  I created a blog called The Global Citizen for God’s sakes and take pride in understanding other cultures, languages and keeping up to date on “worldly” affairs.  So there is no way I can escape the accusation.

However, as for “insecurities and ambitions,” I’m not sure how they came up with these.  Perhaps when interviewing people who read the Economist, the first reader couldn’t make eye contact but really had his mind set on becoming Secretary of State?

I was first introduced to The Economist by my father who is a very avid reader and whose opinion I hold in very high regard.  I was studying abroad at the time and the international focus of The Economist really appealed to me.  It was a very large breath of fresh air from the American sources of news that focused and continues to focus on one area of the globe.  America.

As I was looking for news sources like this, the only other quality “international” publication I could find was The International Herald Tribune published by guess who??  Yep, The New York Times.

However, with the IHT the formula followed that of many other newspapers whose articles simply report “this happened there, and this other thing happened over there.”  What I was looking for was in-depth reporting with a splash of opinion and The Economist provided this very well.  I wanted insight, not just a report of what has happened.

This does not mean I am not without criticism at of The Economist.  At times, I become a little tired of this group of Brits continually telling foreign countries what to do and that if they did “x” then everything would get better.  Perhaps they are mostly right, but it still feels like an uppity British banker telling poor countries how stupid they are and to get their act together.

My other criticism is that they see the world through an economic lens and it often seems that this is the only lens they use.  I have often thought that I would really love to read a magazine that is The Economist, but strips out a good majority of the economics.  But I guess with a name such as The Economist, this is simply a ridiculous thing to say.  🙂

My criticisms are very few however and I still love my Economist.  I love their liberal standpoint on social issues and I find their publication a very good counter to the current American conservatives.  The conservatives here in the USA now believe good economic management (free trade, low taxes, less government) belongs only to them.  There may be some truth to this but the problem is that they couple this with regression and stagnation socially.  One this first point, I am very much inclined to agree with them but what repels me is their stance on the social issues.  The conservatives are against things such as Gay marriage, Immigration and anything that smells of a “socialist policy.”  To be honest, they have relied too much on their extremest elements which no matter how many ways they try to justify their position, all too often boils down to simple raw hate.

The Economist however, has a greater claim to “economics” and spells out why certain policies would be beneficial in numbers.  The American conservatives just yell.  Therefore, this gives The Economist more authority over anything economic and the fact that they also realize that some people are going to need a safety net really endears me to their publication.

Instead of “yelling” like American conservative media outlets, The Economist lays out a very clear and thoughtful argument to social problems and often supplements these with numbers.  Media outlets such as Fox news however, simply whip their audience into a froth on every issue with their underlying point being, “If we let this happen, America is going to die.”

My regard for the magazine became even stronger when they supported Barack Obama for president.  They were not afraid to point out the various catastrophes of the Bush administration and knew that a change was needed.  I came to respect them even more when they took Obama to task for some of his failings!

This is what every news publication should be.  One that praises the achievements and underscores the failures of every leader no matter their political affiliation.  This is how we do become smarter!

So when the times states the below in their article, my answer is “YES!  I do feel smarter!”

“They’ve always implied that if you read The Economist, you’ll be just a little bit wiser and smarter than the average guy,” said Joseph Plummer

When I first read this quote I was simply AGHAST as I thought The Times (who I also love) had quoted “Joe THE Plummer” who still manages to poke his head out of the sand like a ground hog and say something ridiculous on occasion.  I thought for a split second that the end of the world was upon us if one of my favorite publications was now quot
ing head dufus from the McCain campaign days.

Yet, I was quickly relieved when I read his title being; “adjunct professor of marketing at Columbia Business School and a former executive at McCann Worldgroup.”

*Note, that says McCann not McCain. – Just to make sure we are clear.

Finally, I responded with a quizzical Japanese head tilt when The Times claims in their opening sentence:

“Its fire-engine-red logo peeks out of fashionable handbags and from the back pockets of designer jeans.”

I’m not sure about other countries but here in downtown San Francisco (Union Square area) I would think that The Economist would make designer bag wearers heads tilt so much that they might actually fall over.  I’m not sure what those people read but I can be sure it is anything but economics.