Journal Entry – 2.2.2017

The world is different now due to President Trump.  I miss the certainty and comfort of the way things were previously. Now I wake up and am anxious to see what the news will say.  At the moment the US is upsetting its allies and as for the enemies, I’m sure we’ll soon be at war.

I’m anxious for immigrants.  They’ve first banned Muslims under the guise of “extreme vetting.”  Next will come a database, deportation of Latinos and then next in line would be the Asians.  All of this has given the extreme right a lot of encouragement and I’ve started to look into those corners of the internet where they reside.  I’d like to understand them further and try to get a pulse on where things might lead.

Journal Entry – 1.25.2017

It is 5:31 AM and very dark outside.  I’ve put the dishes away, made tea, meditated and now have just under an hour to write a post.

My body is sore from the gym and karate.  In the past I’ve always given short shrift to leg day but have started to pay more attention since they are extremely important in karate.  My body has a type of soreness that I’ll blame on soon turning 40 but if I think back my body was just as sore during wrestling in high school.  My left index finger was also jammed during a sparring match and still hurts!

Journal Entry – 12.29.2016

It is 5:59 AM; I’m writing later than usual.

Between Christmas and New Years work is extremely slow and has been so again this year.  I had planned to really enjoy this time but I’m still not in the proper holiday mood.  I did experience a holiday high starting a few days before Christmas but like the weekends am a bit sad that it is over even though New Years is coming up.

Politics, Religion and getting into the holiday spirit

It is 3:45 AM and I’m feeling a little grumpy.  I did not want to feel grumpy, I wanted to be in a holiday mood!  So perhaps this post will let me release a bit of grumpiness and then perhaps if I concentrate I can switch my mood.

The reason I’m a bit sour is I opened up my phone and clicked on the NextDoor app.  One of the first posts was a neighbor – we’ll call him Frank – wishing everyone a happy Winter Solstice.  There were a few nice replies but then one from the old man down the road who insists on keeping a really junky spray painted sign that reads “Jesus is Lord.”  He tells his neighbors this:

Journal Entry – 12.2.2016

It is 5:51 AM.  I’ve caught a cold from my youngest boy and not feeling too great.  One thing about colds though is that they really make you appreciate your health.  This cold in-particular has actually reduced my stress/anxiety level a bit because it has forced me to slow down, take a deep breath and put things into perspective.  That perspective being, to not take my health for granted, stop worrying so much about work and enjoy life.