Journal Entry – 1.11.1999

School is not going to be easy this quarter.  Accounting is really hard.  Spanish is pretty difficult but I do like Spanish so I’m not worried about that.  I feel like I got a lot done today.  Working out was the main thing.  I always feel so good after working out.  I can’t believe I’ve been back from Spain for so long.  Things are so different for me now.  I guess I’m just going through some down time.  Laurel was just over and we are getting along again through the strong will of mine.  I can handle her.  It’s no use making enemies, life is hard enough.  

Journal Entry – 10.21.1998

Life is going by in a blur.  I hate this fucking computer, it gets slower day after day.  Anyways, life is still weird.  I get up day after day and go about my daily routine.  I am behind in my studies and didn’t do very well on my first 2 midterms.  Day after day I procrastinate and am not using my time efficiently.  A big culprit is this computer.  I’m always writing e-mail or playing online.  I just got done studying for my stats midterm tomorrow and I’m still not ready.  But I just couldn’t take it anymore and will get up to study more tomorrow. 

Journal Entry – 10.5.1998

I really look forward to throwing a dip in and playing, writing on my computer now.  This is a time I can finally express my thoughts through writing.  My greatest enemy is motivation and time.  There are so many things I want to write about but am just not motivated or don’t have the time.  Day after day I am getting my loose connections back at OSU.  Life is good and I am happy.  Right now though I am tired as hell and just can’t get motivated to do a little homework. The temptation of the computer is overwhelming and I convince myself I can study for tomorrow’s quiz the hour and a half I have before class.  I received a letter from Javier today and that made me glad.  I really need to keep the connections I have in Spain.  I also am keeping in touch with a few of the fundies.  It is always good to have friends in all parts of the world.

Journal Entry – 10.4.1998

This weekend wasn’t too fun.  I stayed in and did stupid homework.  Yesterday was the PSU game and I would’ve been tempted to go but it was raining and shitty outside.  So I stayed in all day doing homework until Laurel called me and wanted to go out.  She was kinda bummed so I took her out and cheered her up.  We went to Gibby’s then to a movie.  It was a good time.  She just stopped by right as I was beginning to write this and gave me a thank-you card for last night.  She is really sweet. 

Journal Entry – 9.1.1998

Well I’ve been back for a whole month now.  I have regressed to the level of boredom that I had before I went to Spain.  I am still trying to find a job but none have accepted me yet.  The hard part is finding a job that I want to do.  Today I did absolutely nothing.  I looked at the jobs on the internet and sent out a few e-mails, then I got a response.  He want’s me to e-mail him a resumé.  It would be clerical work.  I also called the union and left a message but those lazy bastards didn’t call me back.