Journal Entry – 5.29.2000

Well, I’m just sitting here being a little sad.  I’m listening to Midnight Train to Georgia.  It makes me remember PSU and spending time up there.  Now Ross is graduated and it will never be the same.  College went by too damn fast and I’m still in it!! I wish I could do it all over.  I remember all the good times I had up at PSU and I can never go back to that.  Sure I can go back to PSU but the same guys won’t be there and Ross is graduated and people move on. 

Journal Entry – 5.25.2000

Here I am taking a break from all the studying.  This is a very hectic week.  I had an exam in Int. Marketing on Monday, I have an operational management exam tomorrow as well as a presentation for Int. Marketing.  Then I have a French exam on Friday.  I swear I feel like I’m always behind in my classes but somehow I end up getting by. 

Journal Entry – 5.11.2000

Here I am all stressed out again. I’m such a slob.  It’s not that I don’t have the time to study.  I just don’t.  I come home from class and play on the computer for a bit before I take a nap on the couch.  When I get up I usually watch TV a bit and then go back to the computer if I don’t have any upcoming exams.  I don’t know what is wrong with me.  I’m a slob.  I never have any energy during the afternoon and haven’t been running or working out like I should.  Here is the problem.  When I don’t have to study, I don’t have other things to keep me occupied.  When I do have tests coming up instead of diving right into the studying I think about them and get stressed over them.  I need better time management. It’s hard for me to plan study time though because I need to be motivated to study or I won’t do it.  That is probably the biggest factor is that motivation to study comes rarely, and I always feel like playing on the computer.  I’m such a loser.  I’ve fallen into a rut that I must get out of.

Journal Entry – 4.19.2000

 The quarter is underway and we are four or so weeks in.  I finally had the first meeting for the French trip and I’m excited.  I can’t believe I’m going to do it all over again.  I can still remember seeing my parents off at the airport the first time.  I remember the look on my Dad’s face.  I knew he was going to miss me but at the same time was proud of me.  Now I have the opportunity to do it all over again.  It really hasn’t hit me yet.  I remember how I felt going to Spain for the first time.  I was a little nervous but extremely excited.  6 months is a long time and I keep forgetting that. 

Journal Entry – 4.12.2000

Well, I haven’t written in a while and I thought it was about time. 

Last quarter went well, I got a 3.52 gpa which made me happy.  This quarter I am rather stressed. Sometimes I don’t even know what day it is!!  The classes involve math stuff which means I have to keep up on it everyday and that sucks.  I’m in French 103 and I have to keep up on that everyday as well.  The good thing is that I’ve been accepted to the French program in France this summer and will be spending 6 months there.  I got in contact with Renne but he will be in Paris for the summer so I’ll have to go visit him and he’ll come back to Lyon to show me around the town.  It is really exciting.