France – Journal Entry 12.18.2000

 The french trip has finally come to an end.  I now sit in Charles DeGulle Airport waiting for my flight.  I wanted to wait until I was on the plane to write but I’ve become tired of reading the paper and want to listen to my CD’s.  I can’t believe the day has finally come to go home.  It was a wonderful trip and I’m glad to have learned French.  I only wish I could have studied in a place other than Besançon although I did enjoy CLA.  So now I sit in the “satellite” station at the airport and it is cold and not very enjoyable.  The plane leaves in only an hour and a half though so I don’t have to wait much longer. 

   I actually left Besançon over a week ago to meet my sister in Paris and then we went to London. We went around and saw all the touristy things but she seemed rather melancholy the whole time.  I’m not so sure she had a good time here.  I will be glad to leave here soon. 

  So I can’t believe I am going home today. It is going to be like a dream when we finally get there.  I can’t believe I’ve been here for so long already.  It was time to go though because Besançon had become tiring.  It was time for the chapter to end and another chapter to begin.  I must continue with my life and finish my studies.  Only then can I accomplish what I set out to do. 

   I’m glad my computer still works, I put it though the scanner here at the airport.  Twice.   I used to be afraid that it wouldn’t work of one did that but no problem.  

France – Journal Entry 12.9.2000

I am now on the train to Paris from Besancon!!  I can’t believe that I will never see that place again.  It went so fast.  Now I am going to Paris and my sister will be there at 11am tomorrow.  We are going to spend some time in London then in Paris. 

Anywho, now I am a little sick I think because of smoking and drinking.  I can’t even keep my thoughts straight now because one, I am sick and two, I can’t believe a chapter of my life has closed.  I came here to study 5 and a half months ago and now it is all over.  I can’t believe how fast it went.  I am a little sad to be leaving but on the other hand it was time.  I was so sick of that place,, the rain, nothing to do, burnt out on French. 

But it was fun.  I got up this morning after a night where I didn’t get much sleep.  I left the fridge open so the ice would melt in the freezer for Birget.  First thing I did was take a shower and start cleaning the room.  I had to pack all my last minute things and make sure I didn’t forget anything.  Then Birget came over with all her stuff and Dustin and Christy helped her.  So I sat in my room and listened to music and wrote two letters,, one to my family and one to Joobin.  I sure miss that girl.  Such a sweetheart she is.  Well, I don’t have much time to write because the stupid battery is running out thanks to this old ass computer.  It was nice listening to music for once on this train.  I still have over an hour left though and my computer will be dead.  Such a shame.  I can’t even think right now very well.  Too many feelings going on…

France – Journal Entry 7.18.2000

Last weekend we went to Nice and Monte Carlo.  I had a very good time except for getting there.  Bill and I went to get a bite to eat first and we were supposed to meet the others at the club.  After dinner at Pizza Uno we walked to Le Fish and found the others.  We decided it would be a stupid idea to try and check our luggage in at a club so we just walked until we found a bar near the train station. 

We had the dumb idea to take a 3am train so we had to stay awake until that time.  We left the bar about half an hour early and I slept in the train station for a bit.  It brang back memories of the time during spring break in Spain when I slept in a bus station.  There is nothing worse than sleeping in a bus station!  We finally caught our train and it was really crowded so we ended up sleeping on the floor in a really narrow hallway which was no fun what so ever. 

Finally after a couple of hours some people left the sleeper cars and we were able to catch about 2 hours of sleep.  Then we arrived in Nice and found our hotel after a tiring bus ride.  The hotel was called Mr. Bed City which remained the joke for most of the trip.  The first thing we did was had lunch at an outdoor café because we couldn’t check into our hotel rooms yet. 

When we came back I took a nap for a few hours because I was so exausted from the trip.  When I awoke the others had made plans to go on a boat ride to Cannes to see the fireworks.  It was really amazing and we had a lot of fun.  After that we walked for about 2 miles to a club that was really friggin expensive.  We had a blast there though.  The next day it was off to the beach and we ran into the guys from New Jersey and sat with them a bit.  Then around 5 it was off to Monte Carlo. That place is really amazing because of all the wealth.  We all dressed up in suits and ties and the ladies wore dresses.  We wanted to find a nice place to eat but nobody could decided on where to go so we finally ended up at a modest italian place. 

Jen was really unhappy because she was cold and wanted to go somewhere nicer and it started to rain and we were outside.  I let her wear my jacket and I ordered some wine and things started to get better.  After that we went to the casinos but some people couldn’t get in because of the age restriction so it was just Bill, Jen and I.  I won four hundred francs and had a good time. Well I’ll finish the story later because I need a shower and better get to bed.

France – First journal entry

So here I am in France!  I can’t believe it!!  Well actually it hasn’t sunk in yet.  The trip here sucked!!  I was at the airport for  2 hours.  We were supposed to be there at 1:pm but we didn’t leave until 3.  I was there for the entire time.  After we finally left the airport it took six hours to get to Paris and then we had to take numerous metros and buses to get to Lyon.  We finally got there at 10am the following morning.  Then we had to take a train to Lyon .  I never went to bed until about 12 the following night.  We finally got to the hotel and then we rested a bit.  I woke up and we went out to eat. 

I started drinking beers and convinced a few people to go out with me to a bar.  We ended up at an Irish pub then an English pub.  We had to get back to the metro before 12 because it was going to close.  We made it back and I woke up about 9am the next day.  I decided I didn’t want to get up so I ended up sleeping until 2:30 that day.  I really didn’t have anything to do because I didn’t know where anyone’s room was so I just ended up studying a bit for the exam the next day.  I met some people for the group meeting but it was pointless and we didn’t learn anything new.. Oh actually before the meeting we went to the pool with a few people but it was nothing special.  I didn’t go out that night and studied a bit for my French test. 

Today.. actually this morning we had the placement for the French program.  I did as well as could  be expected.   I placed in the 5th group which is basically where I am at.  It would have taken a lot of studying to place any higher which I could have done but wouldn’t have been comfortable with.  I am were I should be. 

So anyway we had the test this morning and we had about a 2 hour break and we just sat at a café and I got a little more confident with my French talking with the locals.  We had breakfast/ lunch then went back to the school to figure out what group we were in.  After that was done (which took forever) we had a two hour break before our class.  I rested on the floor and talked with an Italian, a Korean and an Japanese in French before I passed out for a moment. 

Afterwards we had to split up to translate our own language into French.  There were about 5 people in our group and I was in the upper half because it was a combo of groups 4 and 5 and I was 5.  It was difficult but I did OK.  I was also pretty attracted to the teacher with her short skirt and little frenchie attitude.  I think I’m going to like French.  She was really cool but it’s hard to think about the language when you’re thinking about sex all the time. 

After that, I finally made it back to the residence, and we made spaghetti about 10 of  us.  We bought plenty of wine and had plenty of spaghetti and had a good time.  We ended up playing cards in Jen’s room and talking about everything.  Things are going well, but it’s still early for me to  be comparing anything to Spain!!  Viva Espana… I’m trying so hard to not compare but it’s hard.    I love Spain and even want to start crying when I think about it.  But I’m here now and have to concentrate on the here and now.  I’m learning French and am going to get in contact with Renne and Annabelle soon.  It’s so amazing, that I was so bored in the US and here I am in France all of a sudden and don’t know what to do with myself.  Things just go by so quickly!!!  

This journal is going to be my best friend for the next few months because it is the same one I used in Spain and now I’m all alone with it again.  Life just goes so quick.  I’m so blessed to be doing this yet I miss my Spain!!!  I’m not going to think about it though.  I’m going to give this a chance before I start to cry remembering the best time of my life.  This is a new best time of my life and I’m not going to let it slip by.  Spain was so fucking awesome though.   I’m not thinking about that right now.  I’m in the here and now and don’t live in the past!!!  Well It’s late and I really don’t have much else to say. I’m going to smoke a cigarette and listen to my music for a bit.  I already miss my cozy apartment and life already..  It was so easy there yet I was bored.  Now everything is flipped turned upside down and I’m in a new world!!!  It’s amazing.. Vive le France….  Ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee…