Journal Entry – 4.28.1998

Well another day another dollar.  Guess where I am right now? I am in the Fund, my new home.

Yesterday I decided that I really wanted to move back here and not have to worry about hurrying up and leaving Saturday.  So yesterday I talked with Patricia and I told her how I wanted to move into the fund.  At first she told me no but then I got an idea and told her how Carlos was separating from his wife and that there wasn’t enough room in the house. So today I packed my shit and moved out. It’s so weird to be here. I have been there for over three months but it seems like it went really fast. It’s exam week and  I’m stressed out. Well not really I haven’t really studied much to tell the truth. And I feel terrible for that. Also tomorrow is my history test and I haven’t studied at all. I didn’t even do the extra credit to raise my midterm grade. But I do have a secret weapon. Tomorrow I am going to read the history of Spain again in English and that should ensure a good grade. I figure all I really want to get is a C. I know that is bad I really do but I am just not motivated.  It’s so weird that this semester is just about over. It went so damn fast

Journal Entry – 3.31.1998

Well it has been a hell of a day.  I woke up around 11.  I am such a lazy bastard I don’t want to get up ever.  I missed both my classes.  I guess my reasoning was that we really don’t do much in class and I could use the time better doing the mounds of homework I have.  I did get a lot done today though. 

I finished the story “Como Agua para Chocolate” and I wrote my grammar composition.  It took me for friggin ever to get through the story though.  Then after I got all that done I went to the gym to work out.  I came back and it was 10 o’clock pm.  The day just flies by it seems.  I don’t understand why it takes me so damn long to do my homework.  But the day is over and I feel that I have been productive.  I still have to write my 5 friggin page paper on youth violence in Spain.  That really sux. Tomorrow I have to get up really early to meet Yuki and go get my visa extended.  Then I am going to sit at the fund and write some of my damn paper!!

Journal Entry – 3.30.1998

Oh my goodness!!  I can finally write on this damn thing.  I was having problems with my computer for a little bit there but it just turned out to be some stupid key strings in the registry about a program I deleted.  Anyways I have so much to say I don’t know where to begin!!  Let’s start with the weekend!!  Alejandro, Arianna and I went to a place called Benidorm which is a beach near Alicante.  It was like the twilight zone cause there was only old people there!!  All friggin old people! 

Anyways the first night Alejandro got too drunk and threw up before 11 pm.!!  So Arianna and I went out.  First we went to an Irish bar which was a great time.  There was an Irish band playing and they were great!! (Yippie ay aaa, yippie ay ooooo,  OOOh ahh oooh ahh) Anyway we stayed there till the bar closed and we ended up talking to the band afterwards. (actually it was the band talking to the good looking Arianna.)  Anywho, after that we went to some discotechas. 

I really didn’t have a great time there and wanted to go around 4 but she didn’t.  So I ended up leaving and going home by myself.  The next day we went to the beach but it wasn’t very good weather so we just got the paper and sat on the beach and read.  Arianna was supposed to meet some Brit she met the night before but he never showed up.  Then we found Amy, Erica, Scott and the others eating at Burger King.  So we hung with them for the rest of the night.  First we went and ate at an Itallian resturant.  The guy was from the Island of Capri and I got the mixed pasta in a (very special) cream sauce.  It was awesome. 

After that we all went to the Harley bar on the boardwalk.  After that we went back to the Irish pub then another discotech.  Alejandro and I left pretty early around 3.  We were tired.  We thought it would be funny to pile all our stuff on Ariannas bed.  She finally rolled in around 8 in the morning and jumped in my bed cause of all the shit on her bed. That wasn’t fun.  I hate sharing my bed and not getting any!!!  Well that’s all I have to say about the weekend!!  I am so bogged down with homework I am going to cry!!   I have to write a five page paper for my Spanish History class also I have a composición for grammer.  That stinks.  I’m still having fun here in Spain but I do miss home.  I miss my family and friends. 

Journal Entry – 3.8.1998

Ok it’s Sunday night and I just got back from my travels this weekend.  I did pretty good on my three midterms last Thursday.  I took two in a row in the morning and practically went brain dead. 

But anyway, this weekend I went to Madrid on Friday and got there about two.  First we went shopping and I bought my first Spanish CD.  It’s called SKA-P.  It has a lot of good songs on it they play in the bars a lot.  Then I bought a new bag to travel with cause I have no idea what happened to my red Wilson one.  I also finally bought a Spanish/English dictionary. 

We met Alejandro and John and his friend under the clock at Sol.  Then Kate and I went to see Titanic.  It’s so much easier to understand the movie when you’ve already seen it twice in English.  After that we met up with Alejandro and John again and went to another part of the city to meet up with some girls John had met before.  We went to some apartment and chilled there for a while.  The only thing worth talking about was this Coasta Rican girl.  She was pretty rich cause she was talking about how she had a house here in Spain and she goes to an Ivy league school and about her beach house. She was pretty damn good looking too.  But I hate it when people talk about how much shit they have. 

So we left them and went back to Sol and all chilled at an Irish pub.  It was so huge.  We got pretty hammered.  But I was up the next day and Kate and I went to Salamanca.  We were not able to find a hostel or hotel for ever cause they were all full.  But we finally found one and I had to pay 100 dollars for the night.  Not good!  It was a beautiful room though.  Kate and I went out that night and ran into Eric and Jenny.  From there we went to some bars and then to a discoteca called El Submarino.  It was an old submarine inside.  I didn’t have that much fun.  Today we walked around the open market and took a lot of pictures.  I didn’t get to see a lot of shit and am kinda disappointed but I’m sure I’ll make it back there.  It is a college town and there are a lot of English speaking students.