Meaning of a Signature

The signature used to be unique and only you could sign yours. Therefore, when you put the pen to paper it was a promise, unique to you simply because nobody else could make your signature the way you do.

Astrological Signs and Blood Types

In Japan, they do not use astrological signs but rather blood types as the determinant of personality. In fact, during WWII the Japanese army actually arranged their battalions around blood types so the group would be more effective!

The New York Times and The Economist

If you’re an avid reader of both The Economist and The Times, then you will know there has been an ongoing feud between Paul Krugman, The Times Senior Economic party-pooper in chief and the identity-less army of economists at The Economist.

SPEAK AMERICAN – Fun lesson in language

Speak American – The title was just to get your attention. I do not plan to get into politics at all with this post, (well maybe a little, I can’t help myself) but rather the VERY INTERESTING revelations I’ve had during my language studies.  These are the enlightenments which really made language learning fun and…… Continue reading SPEAK AMERICAN – Fun lesson in language

Things America should adopt from foreign cultures

Today I was reminiscing on the things I really missed in foreign countries that I just cannot find in America.  There were things I really missed about America when I was abroad, but I have been back awhile and am now taking them for granted.  So, my mind longs for these things and in case…… Continue reading Things America should adopt from foreign cultures