President Trump – Getting better!

I was absolutely heartbroken by the images of the chemical attack in Syria yesterday; especially by Abdul Hamid Youssef holding his dead two babies.

I fully support Trump launching the missiles at Syria and in doing so has taken action that Obama should have.  Although I was an Obama supporter he did let some international problems fester for too long without taking decisive action.

And so, I just want to say for the record that although I’ve not liked many, many of the steps the new President has taken I am behind him all the way for his actions in Syria and he has also scored other points with me as well.

News – Oil Spill and Awful Politics

It would seem that everyday there is another issue on which opinion is evenly divided down partisan lines.  Healthcare has pretty much gone away and now it is all about the Arizona Immigration bill which ranks about 100% on the outrage meter.  However, this issue is going to linger for a while and perhaps it would be best to focus our attention on the massive amount of oil gushing forth in the gulf of Mexico.  The oil spill is like a four alarm fire at City Hall whereas Immigration has typically been a slow burning building on the outskirts of town that the local population only cares about once in a while.

Facebook Snobs

In the past two weeks there have been two articles about how people should post on Facebook. Both are a bit negative in that they try to tell people what and what not to post.

1. Wall Street Journal – How Facebook can Ruin Your Friendships
2. CNN – 12 Most Annoying Types of Facebookers

This post is to combat this “Facebook Snobbery.”

Issues of the week

1. BART Shooting (Bay Area Rapid Transit)

It has made national news. The shooting of an unarmed man by police the night of New Years Eve (Day technically) has been all over the internet recently. It is obvious that the officer made a HUGE error and now mobs of people are calling for his head.

There really is no excuse since those officers are equipped with Taser guns. However, I have to point out that those guys were resisting arrest and started the problem in the first place. It is not an excuse to be killed execution style but it would behoove San Francisco/Oakland to offer some modicum of support for it’s police force which it is not doing now.

Meet the Press, Crossfire, Face the Nation

I do not normally watch any of these shows, but “Meet the Press” was on while I had breakfast this morning and I had an amazing revelation.

First a brief description about these shows. It seems the formula that works is to put opposite views (Republican, Democrat) on each side of the table and then they debate various topics such as Iraq. However, what occurred to me is that they are always different American views! The revelation was that I have never ever seen a citizen of the country being debated actually participate!!!!!