President Trump – Getting better!

I was absolutely heartbroken by the images of the chemical attack in Syria yesterday; especially by Abdul Hamid Youssef holding his dead two babies. I fully support Trump launching the missiles at Syria and in doing so has taken action that Obama should have.  Although I was an Obama supporter he did let some international problems…… Continue reading President Trump – Getting better!

Facebook Snobs

In the past two weeks there have been two articles about how people should post on Facebook. This is response from someone who is not a middle-aged grump and “get’s it.”

Meet the Press, Crossfire, Face the Nation

I do not normally watch any of these shows, but “Meet the Press” was on while I had breakfast this morning and I had an amazing revelation. First a brief description about these shows. It seems the formula that works is to put opposite views (Republican, Democrat) on each side of the table and then…… Continue reading Meet the Press, Crossfire, Face the Nation

Issues of the Day – Gay Marriage

1. Proposition 8 – Gay Marriage There was an article in the Wall Street journal about a “black list” of businesses that gay people were protesting due to their support of Proposition 8. It seems like these are extremists and such extremism isn’t really supported by the community. The article told the story of a…… Continue reading Issues of the Day – Gay Marriage