New Year’s Day 2018

It is 8:52 AM on January 1st, 2018.  I would have preferred to write this in the early morning as usual but I was absolutely exhausted yesterday, went to bed early and slept until 6:15 AM which is very late for me.  I woke up and began all the usual chores and only now have some time in which to mildly ignore the children so I can get this New Year’s post in.

New Year’s Morning 2017

It is 6:49 AM on the first day of 2017.  I woke up much later than usual not due to staying up until midnight or drinking too much:  I woke up later than usual from a busy day hiking, playing with the boys then having three small champagne glasses of Louis d’Estree Sparkling Méthode Traditionnelle Dry.

We took advantage of Netflix’s on-demand streaming countdown and went with Skylander (above).  My oldest didn’t seem too excited by the whole ordeal  but it will be a good memory to look back upon – thanks Netflix!

New Year’s 2016

The last sunset of 2015
The last sunset of 2015

It is 4:14 AM on New Year’s Day 2016.

No, I haven’t stayed up all night partying; I was in bed by 7:45 PM on New Year’s Eve being completely exhausted by a poor nights sleep and a day spent at the gym, running errands and playing with the kids.  Now that I’m up so early I thought I’d get a few thoughts down on the year 2015.