E-mail to Kazuko 7.25.2004

Salut Kazuko,

Tu vas bien?  J’espere que le semestre c’etait bien pour toi.  J’ai enfin
terminé mes études de japonais, et maintenant je suis en train de chercher
un travail en Vietnam.  J´aime bien Tokyo pour jouer mais je sais pas si je
veux habiter ici et deviens un “Salaryman”.  Donc pour ça je vais essayer de
trover un travaille dans un autre pays mais pas le EEUU.  Tous mes amis de
Waseda vont partir du Japon cette semaine et c´est un peut triste.

Alors, j´espere que on peut se réunir si tu as des temps libre.  C´est
décidé que je vais rester au Tokyo jusqu´à octobre mais aprés ça je sais pas

E-mail to Dad 7.14.2004


Thanks for sending me those articles.  It looks like you’ve done really well
for yourself and Grandpa and Grandma would be extremely proud of what someone
who had trouble with Math has become.  I’m extremely proud to have such an
intelligent father who can always show me the other side or view when
problems arise and offer a well thought out solution.  I only hope that with
all this studying I may someday be somewhat successful as well.

E-mail to Allison 7.10.2004

It’s been a while, are you behaving yourself?  Are you even still in Japan? 
The semester is going to end soon and I’ll be happy to take a break from studying Japanese.  It’s also time to start another chapter of my life and actually get a full time job with benefits.  I’m going to try to get a job in Saigon, Vietnam in perhaps a trading or import company but I’m not sure if it will be possible just yet.  I hate this “thinking about the future” thing.  I could also stay in Japan and find a job but Tokyo is suffocating me and I need to someplace to golf!  I figure that if I can get to Vietnam and work there while learning the language, and doing a bunch of reading than I’ll be well positioned since Asia is booming now.  I also need to get a masters, but some honest work experience seems to be necessary at the moment. 
What are you planning to do after you graduate?  Any specific location you’d like to be at?  I’m so worried about getting stuck in a job I hate and wasting away for a couple of years. 
Also, can you pass me the link to your website?  I bought the domain “worldhomepages” and my side project is to create a kick ass website of personal homepages (no damn business sites!) grouped by country.  I’ve found other pages with personal homepages, but they are uninteresting and hard to find.  I’ve managed to get my page listed (2nd on google for my name!) so with the right strategy, I could create a pretty popular site I hope. 
Alright chica, let me know what you’ve been up to. 
El Mattador 

E-mail to Dad 7.2.2004

Good Morning Dad,

I’m glad you like the books.  I’ve been reading a lot lately about space and
where exactly we are.  Living abroad has done so much more for me than
simply language.  I’m able to understand people, their influences and
mentality much better now.  Getting out of one’s normal environment really
makes one expand their mind and see life from a completely different