E-mail to Cat Eyes Models 8.17.2004

Dear Sir or Madam,
This is 魔手 again.  I recently sent you a message for my job application and upon browsing your website, I discovered a problem that can easily be fixed. 
On the page: http://www.vietnameses.com/models/commercial some of the pictures do not appear because of a broken link.  I took the liberty of viewing your source code and discovered the problem.  I can fix it for free simply because I wish to develop a good realtion with you and sincerely hope that we may work together in the future.  If you send me the file for that page I can fix it for you, or I can tell you how to do it yourself.
Here is the problem.  Please take a look at the source code and notice the difference between numbers 1 and 2, and 3 and 4.  The first 2 provide a link to the image and the problem stars when you added the hosting address for example the difference between (src=”thu_hien01.jpg”) which is good and (src=”“) which is bad.  To fix the problem, simply erase (“
Take a look below so you can find the problem in the HTML format. 
1.  —->  Good Link      src=”thu_hien01.jpg”
                                border=0 width=”120″ height=”180″> </a> </FONT></P></TD>
                                <TD height=”1″>
                                <P align=center><FONT
                                face=Verdana size=1><a href=”http://www.vietnameses.com/models/thuhoai/index.shtml”><IMG 
2.  —-> Good Link      src=”thu_hoai01.jpg”
                                border=0 width=”120″ height=”180″> </a> </FONT></P></TD>
                                <TD height=”1″>
                                <P align=center><FONT
                                face=Verdana size=1><a href=”http://www.vietnameses.com/models/khanhlinh/index.shtml”><IMG
3. Problem is here,     src=”
                                border=0 width=”120″ height=”180″></a></FONT></P></TD>
                                <TD height=”1″>
                                <P align=center><FONT
                                face=Verdana size=1><a href=”http://www.vietnameses.com/models/thutrang/index.shtml”><IMG 
4.  Another bad link   src=”
I hope this helps you and I truly hope that I may have the opportunity to be of more service to you in the future.

E-mail to Ron 8.14.2004

Hey Dude,

I’m still doing the job search and trying to find something in Vietnam.  In
the process I’ve taught myself a lot about how to make a kick ass online
resume since I don’t have much work experience.  I’m thinking that this will
impress the employers quite a bit.  The link is
http://www.mcurtin.com/job/english.html and I’m working on a PowerPoint
presentation to showcase my computer skills as well.  It should be done
today or tomorrow and I’ll put a link on the website.  Please let me know
what you think.

Other than that, I’m just teaching English and going to the gym.  I’m not
worried about getting a job but I’m a bit anxious about changing countries.

E-mail to Phuong 8.5.2014

Hello Phuong,
Thank you for your call today!  I was happy to talk with you!  Recently I’ve been very busy.  A friend of mine started his own English teaching school and I have been going there everyday to help him interview English teachers for a job.  Also, I have to teach my own classes everyday as well as look for a job in Vietnam!  I have been using the newspapers you sent me, as well as “vietnamworks.com” and some other websites to try and find a job.  It might be difficult to do from Tokyo but I will try very hard and I think I will find something. 
I have to work here until October because I promised my company and my students are very excited to learn English.  So I cannot just leave them right now, but my Visa will expire in October so I must leave.  If I go to Vietnam is it difficult to get a Visa to work?  I can come to Vietnam to visit no problem but to get a work visa might be difficult.  I will try my best!
I’m looking forward to coming to Vietnam and going out with you to some bars!  How was the party at Minh’s house?  Were her American friends nice? 
Thank you also for your offer to stay at your house!  It is very kind of you!
Ok, I’m going to look on the internet for some jobs now!  Practice hard at the gym!!

Letter to Sister 8.3.2004

Dear Homeless and Jobless in Main,

It has been a long time.  I was thinking that you didn’t have internet there
at camp.  Then I received your message and remembered how you said their
network may have nearly destroyed your computer last time.  Anyway, I’m glad
you wrote!

E-mail to Phuong 7.27.2004

Hi Phuong!
I can see that your English is much better!  You must be studying very hard.  Good job! 
Life in Tokyo is changing very much.  My Japanese semester just ended last week and now I’m teaching English every night!  As I mentioned on the phone, I have to stay in Tokyo until October 1st because I promised the tobacco company I teach at that I would teach for at least 3 more months. 
I am determined to escape from Tokyo and live in Vietnam however!  So since my classes ended, I’ve been working very hard on my strategy to find a job.  Sometimes it’s difficult to find an “entry level position” with a good company in another country.  So I have made a good strategy:
1.  Make my website and online resume more professional.  – I redesigned my entire online resume and now it looks better and is more simple. 
2. I’ve been going through all the Vietnamese newspapers you sent me and am making a database of maybe 500 or so contacts and then I will e-mail them all with my resume and direct them to my online website. 
I hope it works! 
Sorry to hear that your friend went to the USA!  You say you want to go there also!  But you have such a good business and are a congressman!  I suppose you could work on your business and build it up some more and then higher a good director to take care of the business for you and then go to the USA in the future. 
I don’t see Lizard so much now because he went to Korea for vacation.  He will leave Tokyo on August 5th and return to America.  All my friends are leaving because the Japanese classes are over and I might get lonely! 
Keep studying and working out hard!  I hope to see you soon!