Letter to Dad 8.29.2004

Good Morning Dad,

Thanks for having C. call me.  It had been ages since I’d last spoke to
her and it was good to have a chat.

It’s almost September now and the weather has become cool and a bit wet here
in Tokyo.  It’s a fitting season to be leaving Japan; a place where I’ve
developed so much and had my eyes opened a little more.  Everyday, I
struggle with the thought of leaving here and try to imaging what life will
be like in Vietnam.  However, I believe it’s the comfort of Tokyo that stirs
these fears since I have established myself quite well in this concrete
jungle.  Yet, I’m determined to go to Vietnam for a few main reasons:

E-mail to Dad 8.25.2004

Hello Dad,

They sent that Citicard awfully early.  My current card doesn’t expire until
03/31/05.  We are talking about the card with my picture on it right?  If
that is the case, then yes please, go ahead and send it to me.  I like to
have it on me just in case of emergencies and Citibank is worldwide so I
never have any problems.

Those were some great pictures of you and Uncle B umpiring.  It looks like
you’ve hit the big leagues!  Those were some big boys playing baseball there
and I hope you were being extra careful with your calls.  Probably wouldn’t
want to get into a belly bumping match with any of those hillbillies.

E-mail to Phuong 8.21.2004

Hi Phuong,
Thank you for your offers to help me in Vietnam.  I am very excited to come there to work and learn about the Vietnamese.  I am a little nervous though leaving Tokyo and my apartment.  But, I think it is time for a change and I know I love Vietnam.  I don’t think I would be able to move there if I didn’t know you!  Thank you!  I have sent out many e-mails to companies in Vietnam and have got some responses, but haven’t had any luck yet.  I’m sure if I keep trying I will find something.  I will buy a plane ticket for the beginning of Octo bersoon.  I will be busy next month getting rid of all my things in my apartment so I can travel there with just one suit case!  It will be a lot of work! 
As for Lizard, I didn’t get any e-mails from him either but I see him on MSN instant messenger one time.  He uses it and you can sometimes contact him through that.  I think he is busy meeting his old friends.  Won’t you travel to America soon and see him? 
Good luck with your business Phuong.  If I can help you in any way please let me know!   Good luck with your English studies!   

E-mail to Brendan 8.21.2004

Sorry for the late late response.  The pictures of Ireland are amazing.  I’m glad you got to visit the birthplace of your dad and see your native land!  By the way, aren’t you eligible for double citizenship?  Didn’t you get it?  My ancestors came to Ohio about five generations ago so no luck for me of getting the freedom of double citizenship.  I really wish I had that opportunity though.
I’m glad you up’d your friend when talking about Japan.  Nobody should visit Japan without going to a hot spring and seeing their good friends buck-naked.  Actually, it is the most popular way to relax here and I’m glad we had the opportunity.  Your visit remains my favorite memory of Japan and hopefully we can do it again in Vietnam if I’m able to get there.
Actually, I’ve been feeling the urge to spread my wings again and take off for another foreign land.  Vietnam seems to be the best option because of the unbelievably gorgeous women, cheap prices, and the contacts I made when I took a trip there.  Axel and I met some rich young businessmen and they took to us immediately seeing as Axel and I are not your usual tourists.  One of my good friends is the director of a computer company and has offered to let me stay at his house while I look for a job.  We took good care of him while he was in Tokyo and formed a good friendship.  I’m a little anxious to leave Tokyo, and start the learning process all over again, but it gives me motivation to think that it will help me develop as a person.  Also, the beautiful women there are a huge incentive for me.  Provided that I get there and actually get a job it would be awesome for you guys to take a trip there and do some partying.  Of course the atmosphere is completely different and most (if not all) of the hot women at the bars are hookers but I’m sure it would be a good experience.  While I was there I was amazed at all the old ugly foreign businessmen with extremely hot young Vietnamese at their side (although they were probably rented.) 
I’ll keep you updated about Vietnam, but I’m planning to be there in the beginning of October.  This next month is going to be painful getting rid of everything I own except for what one suitcase can hold.  I also still need to land that elusive job. 
Take care,


E-mail to Mathias 8.20.2004


My classes at Waseda are finally finished and I’m very happy to not have to
go to those boring lectures anymore.  I think it’s time to study Japanese on
my own without the teachers troubling me with too many tests that I always
received a bad grade on.  : )

Now, I’m just teaching English at night, going to the gym and looking for a
job in Vietnam.  I have some friends there and think it would be a great
place to live due to the cheap prices and proximity of the ocean!  Tokyo is
too crowded for me and I need some peace and quiet.  My visa is until
October 10th so I’m hoping to find a job before then but it’s looking to be
a little difficult.  I’m positive that I’ll be in Vietnam in October though.