E-mail to Brendan 8.21.2004

Brendan-San, Sorry for the late late response.  The pictures of Ireland are amazing.  I’m glad you got to visit the birthplace of your dad and see your native land!  By the way, aren’t you eligible for double citizenship?  Didn’t you get it?  My ancestors came to Ohio about five generations ago so no luck for me…… Continue reading E-mail to Brendan 8.21.2004

E-mail to Mathias 8.20.2004

Mathias!My classes at Waseda are finally finished and I’m very happy to not have togo to those boring lectures anymore.  I think it’s time to study Japanese onmy own without the teachers troubling me with too many tests that I alwaysreceived a bad grade on.  : )Now, I’m just teaching English at night, going to…… Continue reading E-mail to Mathias 8.20.2004

E-mail to Cat Eyes Models 8.17.2004

Dear Sir or Madam, This is 魔手 again.  I recently sent you a message for my job application and upon browsing your website, I discovered a problem that can easily be fixed.   On the page: http://www.vietnameses.com/models/commercial some of the pictures do not appear because of a broken link.  I took the liberty of viewing your source code and discovered…… Continue reading E-mail to Cat Eyes Models 8.17.2004

E-mail to Ron 8.14.2004

Hey Dude,I’m still doing the job search and trying to find something in Vietnam.  Inthe process I’ve taught myself a lot about how to make a kick ass onlineresume since I don’t have much work experience.  I’m thinking that this willimpress the employers quite a bit.  The link ishttps://www.mcurtin.com/job/english.html and I’m working on a PowerPointpresentation…… Continue reading E-mail to Ron 8.14.2004

Letter to Sister 8.3.2004

Dear Homeless and Jobless in Main,It has been a long time.  I was thinking that you didn’t have internet thereat camp.  Then I received your message and remembered how you said theirnetwork may have nearly destroyed your computer last time.  Anyway, I’m gladyou wrote!Good luck with the job situation and I hope you land somewhere…… Continue reading Letter to Sister 8.3.2004

E-mail to Kazuko 7.25.2004

Salut Kazuko,Tu vas bien?  J’espere que le semestre c’etait bien pour toi.  J’ai enfinterminé mes études de japonais, et maintenant je suis en train de chercherun travail en Vietnam.  J´aime bien Tokyo pour jouer mais je sais pas si jeveux habiter ici et deviens un “Salaryman”.  Donc pour ça je vais essayer detrover un travaille…… Continue reading E-mail to Kazuko 7.25.2004