I just finished watching the movie Inception.  Yes, I’m quite late and all the internet chatter about this movie has finished.  The reason I’m behind is that I always wait for the movie to come out on Netflix, either streaming or DVD and even though it has been in our queue for a while, we just got it. 

This movie really hit home as the concepts were things I have thought before.  Actually, I’m sure the deep thinkers out there have thought about it and with the massive amount of YouTube videos and websites on the subject I would imagine that you’ve at least come across the subject once or twice. 

2012 Movie – Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Two days ago I received the movie 2012 from Netflix and finally got around to watching it last night.  Then I wake up today and find the news article Ash from Iceland volcano disrupts European flights in USA Today.

Further, I live in San Francisco which is a beautiful little city surrounded by water (and sharks).  To add to this there have been several earthquakes just south of me recently.

After careful consideration I have decided to relocate to the Tibetan plateau and await the Chinese government to use all their money and build big spaceships so we can go live on the moon.  (I heard they found water there!