Meaning of a Signature

The signature used to be unique and only you could sign yours. Therefore, when you put the pen to paper it was a promise, unique to you simply because nobody else could make your signature the way you do.

Friday Night

Yet again, long time no post.  When I look back it seems that I tend to get motivated, it drops off then I get motivated again and so on.  Well, tonight being Friday night it was Netflix night.  We watched a pretty good one called “Mother and Child.”  But as my mind tends to drift…… Continue reading Friday Night

Babies and Zen

Well, perhaps the answer is just a bit selfish. I enjoy being around other people, sharing my experiences, learning about them and simply having external contact. For me, being around people is energizing, exciting and much better than simply being alone all the time.


  I just finished watching the movie Inception.  Yes, I’m quite late and all the internet chatter about this movie has finished.  The reason I’m behind is that I always wait for the movie to come out on Netflix, either streaming or DVD and even though it has been in our queue for a while,…… Continue reading Inception

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