New Look

Finally a new look for my old blog. I’ve had a few days off so finally had the time to sit in front of the computer and learn new things. The hard part about redesigns is that the web changes so much year to year and everything I knew how to do isn’t up to…… Continue reading New Look

Website Cleaned

A couple of weeks ago I noticed my site had a warning issued by Google that it was downloading malicious software. It took me a while to figure out how to clean out the virus but now it is ok again. Basically, I just downloaded the entire directory, ran the anti-virus on it, deleted the…… Continue reading Website Cleaned

Shakedown in America

Now that my Movabletype is back up and running, I can finally start posting with some regularity again. As you may have already guessed, the main theme of my posts are simply the experiences, learning and how mentality and ideas evolve over time for someone who lives in different countries and is exposed to extremely…… Continue reading Shakedown in America


I’ve finally upgraded my movabletype software which has taken forever. I nearly had a heart attack when I rebuilt the site and saw all the entries were gone! I had forgotten that it’s been forever since a post and MT automatically archived those entries which I thought I had accidentially deleted! I see that the…… Continue reading Upgraded

New Month

Apparently, I have to post every month or my entries get archived. I’ve been pretty lazy about posting recently but will get back on track soon. Lots going on recently in HCMC.

Old Entries

I had so many problems with my last MT configuration that I had to re install everything. So I lost some of my old rants, but have pasted them in the excerpt….——————————————————————– I spent all day working on the website. For some reason there is an internal server error for the archive and recent entry…… Continue reading Old Entries

Saigon Stories – Today's Adventure

Today was actually not so adventuresome. However, today the Buddhist funeral infront of my house ended. The old lady who spoke to me in French not 6 months before and told me to “Firmez le porte doucemont” passed away. They then erected a shrine and had chants, prayers and visitors for three days. It was…… Continue reading Saigon Stories – Today's Adventure

Movabletype finally works

Today I decided to try and tackle my movabletype problems one more time. Before, I had trouble with the comments, archives and basically any link that Movabletype was supposed to take care of. So I deleted the whole thing, downloaded the new 3.6 version and reinstalled everything. This time I made sure everything was uploaded…… Continue reading Movabletype finally works