Mother’s Day 2018 Part Two

It is now 2:36 PM and all the main activities are done.  I caught my first crab using my own net this morning.   I actually caught about three or four but it is best to throw the females back in order to be a responsible fisherman so that is what I did.  The first one I caught was a rock crab and Sadao-san said it was better for cooking the crab miso soup.

I wrapped up the crabbing at about 8:45 then went home.  I then took the kids out to ride bikes and play a bit then took a short nap because I was completely exhausted.  My phone woke me up and it was SFO letting me know they didn’t know what car to pick up at the Giant’s stadium.  Three calls later and conferencing in the Giants travel manager we got a plan and my phone stayed has stayed quiet.  Then it was on to cooking.

I grilled some steaks and saw the neighbors were out in their backyard.  I wonder if I bothered them because the grill gave off a lot of smoke and some of it went in their direction.  It is hard to tell if I bothered them because they speak Mandarin and there is a tall wooden fence between us.  I also cooked the crab and made a few beginner mistakes.  Sadao told me to submerge it in water after which it would “pass out,” and could be cooked. I thought a better idea would be to smack it with a hammer to knock it out.  I apologized to Mr. Crab before hand and then the carnage started.  Me smacking it cracked its upper shell but it didn’t die, it just slowed down.  I didn’t mean to crack the shell because I didn’t want the crab miso to leak out while cooking.  I then put it in the oven and it moved for about thirty seconds before dying.  I felt pretty guilty about the whole affair, poor crab, the death was not an easy one.

Some crab miso did leak out but I scooped it with a spoon and was able to get most of it into the boiling water.  At the same time I had to keep an eye on the grill because there can be flares which burn the steak.  There were flares and although I caught it in time some parts were a little burnt.  So here I am running back and forth trying to watch the crab cook inside and the steaks outside.  Everything turned out OK but I would have liked the steaks to have been a little more medium than well done.  The crab miso was sweet and pretty good.

Now, I’m pretty tired but thought I’d get this post in and then I’ll either take a nap, drink some more wine or play VR.  It seems another nap might win given how tired I am.

We’ll finish the evening, take a bath and then perhaps watch a movie.


Mother’s Day 2018

It is 4:18 AM on Sunday, May 13th.  I woke up at 3:30 AM and couldn’t sleep anymore.  That is fine because I’m going crabbing with Sadao and need to be there at 5:00 AM.  This is the first time I’ve gone crabbing with my own crab net and I’ve learned that I need to be careful to not get the rope caught on the pillars that uphold the pier.  I’m hoping I catch at least one crab so I can make crab flavored miso soup today for our cookout.

I also hope I catch one because the prices in the store are ridiculous this year.  Dungeness  crabs used to be around $6.25 per pound but this year are up around $20 per pound.  I think this is because of the demand due to the huge increase in population here in the Bay Area due to the technology industry. It is madness here in the Bay! The traffic is awful:  there was a time when I used to be able to shoot right through San Francisco around 10:00 AM with no problems.  Now, the 280 exit on to sixth street is always backed up and it takes at least 30 minutes to try and get where you’re going once you arrive in SF.  The housing prices are also insane and even at the terrible prices houses do not last very long on the market.

Also, on a nice day Highway 1 will be backed up here in Pacifica starting well before Sharp Park.  On a nice day it is best to just not leave the house because you’ll get stuck in that traffic which is bad going both directions.  Linda Mar beach is also always a madhouse on a nice day on the weekends.  There are not only a ton of surfers but families fill the beach with tents and it looks like there isn’t an open spot of sand where one could plop down.

Today however, I shouldn’t have a problem since I’m up so early and will most likely be back home by 7.  The traffic really should pick up around 10 so I should be able to avoid all of that.

As for the cookout, I’ll pick up some steaks from Sunvalley market.  I always go there for steaks because they come from Harrison Ranch which is located here in California.  I’ve driven by the place once and it is enormous and can be smelled from miles around.  I also like Sunvalley Market for the Thanksgiving turkey because they are fresh, never frozen and come from Diestel also located in California.

Well, the time is now 4:32 so I should probably make my way to the pier.  Happy Mother’s Day!