Mexico – 7.13.1999 – Embassy and Ohio Dept of Trade

Today we went to Mexico City to visit the U.S. Embassy and Ohio Department of Trade office.  I had never been to an embassy before and was excited to go.  There they talked to us about the difference between Mexico and the US but mostly about the foreign agriculture department.  I found it really interesting…… Continue reading Mexico – 7.13.1999 – Embassy and Ohio Dept of Trade

Mexico – 7.8.1999

Yesterday we went on a day long field trip to a hacienda and a town called Tlaxcala.  I never realized how beautiful the Mexican countryside is.  You travel along and see huge mountains that touch the clouds, green everywhere and cacti called Maggio (or something like that).  You also pass by ruins of old farmhouses…… Continue reading Mexico – 7.8.1999

Mexico – 7.5.1999

I think I finally have this trip all figured out.  They are giving us mass information these first two weeks so we have appropriate information and knowledge to apply to the field trips.  I’ve looked ahead in the syllabus and we do have a lot of field trips coming.  That MAKES ME HAPPY!We just got…… Continue reading Mexico – 7.5.1999

Mexico – 7.4.1999

I couldn’t write yesterday because we went to Mexico City for the whole day.  I’ll begin Friday night when we all planned to go to the discotech.  We were sitting on the balcony (The Agri boys and I) when this Venezuelan guy walks past us and knocks on Johanna’s and Kathryn’s door.  It turns out…… Continue reading Mexico – 7.4.1999

Mexico – 7.2.1999

I’ve looked ahead in the syllabus and found that we have 9 more days of nothing but class.  That is not that bad.  I couldn’t survive if every week was like this one. One thing that really bothers me is the fact that we almost never end class on time.  The teacher goes off on tangents…… Continue reading Mexico – 7.2.1999