Mexico – 7.23.1999

Today was a great day.  We went to the GM production plant then to the Flexi shoe factory.  I really enjoyed walking through the GM plant and see production in progress.  Actually it gave me flashbacks of my accounting class.  We always had to watch these movies about production and how cost/expenses should be recorded.…… Continue reading Mexico – 7.23.1999

Mexico – 7.21.1999

Today was just a regular day of classes.  We did have our first midterm in Rural Sociology though and I think I did pretty well.  One interesting thing did happen though.  As I was walking to lunch Tom yelled to me that this Spanish guy was trying to communicate with him but he couldn’t understand.…… Continue reading Mexico – 7.21.1999

Mexico – 7.20.1999

Today was a long day.  We got up for class and Geralyn was sick yet again.  Today wasn’t just a long day of class though.  We went to CIMMYT (I think that’s how it’s spelled)  It was where the green revolution took place.  Agriculture really isn’t my cup of tea but it was neat to…… Continue reading Mexico – 7.20.1999

Mexico – 7.19.1999 – Geralyn, Discotecas and group member profiles

Well, it’s Monday night and we have been traveling all day.  I didn’t get a chance to write while I was in Veracruz so I”m going to go back to what happened in Veracruz on Saturday.  The hotel we stayed at was really close to the port and the beach wasn’t very nice but it…… Continue reading Mexico – 7.19.1999 – Geralyn, Discotecas and group member profiles

Mexico – 7.16.1999

Yesterday we sat in class for the first part of the day.  We were learning about women’s roles in the campos.  It seems that they don’t have many rights and that machismo is still really strong in Mexico.  It made me realize how easy we have it in the United States.After that we went to…… Continue reading Mexico – 7.16.1999