Mexico – 7.4.1999

I couldn’t write yesterday because we went to Mexico City for the whole day.  I’ll begin Friday night when we all planned to go to the discotech.  We were sitting on the balcony (The Agri boys and I) when this Venezuelan guy walks past us and knocks on Johanna’s and Kathryn’s door.  It turns out that they had met him at the perfume store and he was going to take them out.  They didn’t want to go alone with this guy so we all decided to go along.  They were also a bit nervous because this guy had dropped them off at the hotel before but wasn’t supposed to know which room they were in.  

Mexico – 7.2.1999

I’ve looked ahead in the syllabus and found that we have 9 more days of nothing but class.  That is not that bad.  I couldn’t survive if every week was like this one. 

One thing that really bothers me is the fact that we almost never end class on time.  The teacher goes off on tangents then one or two people ask a question which drags the class on for at least a half an hour after the class should have ended.  Another thing I really don’t like is when they schedule two classes back to back without a break.  

Mexico – 7.1.1999

Today was the longest day of my life.  I find it very hard to start class at 9 and continue with almost no free time until 4.  I really have a hard time following what Prof. Gonzalez has to say.  His English is decent but I don’t feel the material is very organized.  When I force myself to pay attention I find the material to be very scattered and difficult to follow.  I also think a few professors go off on tangents.  It’s not that the material isn’t interesting but I think the professors are just trying to cover so much that they skim over a lot of stuff and forget to stress the important points.  

Mexico – 6.30.1999


OK, I’m finally starting to like Mexico.  Today we went to the pyramids in Teotihuacan.  The two great pyramids of the sun and moon were very impressive.  We climbed them both and I found out how out of shape I am.  There were many people bothering you to buy stuff but weren’t nearly as aggressive as the ones in Morocco.  

I finally feel like I”m getting into a routine and feeling at home in Texcoco.  I still hate getting up so early but it’s not really that bad.  We must remember to keep the stupid window shut because last night was the second night mosquitoes kept us awake.

Mexico – 6.29.1999


It was a very long day.  Last night we had a formal dinner and the teachers got us wasted.  We have to get up at 7AM everyday and have class until 4.  It’s like going back to high school since we have class all day and are around the same group.  This trip is structured so different from the easy program in Spain.  Here we actually have to do a lot of work and it’s intense.  We have one Spanish class comprised of students of all different Spanish levels.  The teacher talks soo slow so everyone can understand.  I dread that class.