Mexico – 7.27.1999

Ok, today was a really long day.  We got up at our regular hour of 7 o’clock and went to class.  It was our last day of Spanish class and he told us to keep reading and practicing Spanish or we would lose it.  It’s kind of sad that the trip is coming to a […]

Mexico – 7.24.1999

I was just not feeling well this morning.  I also think it was due to both not getting enough rest and going out last night.  I woke up but just wasn’t feeling up to par and thought it better to just stay in than feel terrible all day.  The only thing I regret missing is […]

Mexico – 7.23.1999

Today was a great day.  We went to the GM production plant then to the Flexi shoe factory.  I really enjoyed walking through the GM plant and see production in progress.  Actually it gave me flashbacks of my accounting class.  We always had to watch these movies about production and how cost/expenses should be recorded. […]

Mexico – 7.22.1999

As I was saying I went to bed early only to be woken up around 2:30am by two booze hounds named Jen and Angela.  They had gone to a bar with a few Mexicans and came back wasted.  Finally they quit bothering us and I got a whole hour of sleep before I had to […]