Dream – Meadow Road


I have a reoccurring dream that comes once every year or so.  In the dream I return to my childhood home on Meadow Road.  It is a place I own and I have the keys in my pocket.  Going inside it is I know that nobody has been inside in a very long time.  In this shadowy dream world the house is dark and uninviting.  The dream tells me this is my second home which I rarely frequent and am the only one in my family who does.  I always end upstairs in my old bedroom which is also dark and it never occurs to me to turn on the lights.

Journal entry – In Oakland

I’m sitting in the 555 12th St.lobby where the faint smell of industrial cleaner and other general, large building lobby smells remind me of my first office job in Columbus, Ohio.  I’d go to work with my Dad early in the morning and was intimidated by all the Very Serious looking people in their Very Serious looking clothes walking to and fro in Very Serious buildings.  Having to get dressed up in a suit everyday and go downtown did not appeal to me and I missed my golf course maintenance job.  The job was at The Ohio Company and my mission was to arrange thousands of yellow folders in numerical order. I’d have my coffee, sit down and put headphones on, then order the infinite folders for seven hours with a one hour break for lunch when I’d often meet up with Dad.  I didn’t mind the work and was glad to have a job.

Journal entry – The fall season and elementary school

Yesterday I made a reminder to write a post about fall in Ohio.  As I began to gather my thoughts I looked back and see I already wrote a post about this at the same time last year.

It is now 5:09 AM and since I’ve already written about what I wanted to write about I find it hard to write about anything at all!

So I’ve put on ‘Rock Steady’ by The Whispers and perhaps I can conjure up some further memories.  I absolutely hate this song; it is the song I woke up to the first day of school in the fourth grade.  I didn’t want summer to end and I didn’t want to go back to school.

Journal Entry – 5.18.2016

Taking a peek at Facebook my old college friend Taesen posted a few pictures recently and seeing her reminded me of Spanish class at Ohio State University.  This was the class right before Spanish 401.  Spanish 401 was a course I’ll never forget as it was an extremely difficult grammar class and designed to weed out those students who were not serious about learning the language.  But the class before 401 – whose number I forget – was not difficult and in it where two pretty girls, Taesen and Heather and naturally I got to know them both.

Memories of Raymond Memorial and Wilson Road Golf Courses

It is 6:31 AM.  I just opened the door and for the first time in a while heard the Robin’s singing their morning songs and memories of my job at Raymond Memorial and Wilson Road Golf Courses – where I did maintenance – came flooding back to me.

Wilson Road Golf Course
Wilson Road Golf Course

This happens every time I heard them in the early morning.  I had to awake an the ungodly hour of 4:00 AM and before I had my driver’s license would walk in the dark to the maintenance barn on the golf course. I’ll always remember the robins because they were so loud at that time and I wondered how they could be so cheerful at such an hour.