A Letter to my Foreign Friends (Living in Distant Lands) Warning: Politics involved!

It has now been four years since I came back to the States and what a ride. I got a nice job and joined corporate-land where they use the English language in a strange way such as say they “have so much on my plate,” and other metaphors which take me a minute to “digest.” Things are going well but I have to say I’m really envious of you all at the moment because I’m really missing life over there!!

10 Minutes of Insanity – Post gets worse as it goes along.

There is nothing like the “news” in America these days. Actually, most programs which claim to be “news” are really just opinions. Yet, these “opinions” are really just emotional outbursts which center on certain talking points. The talking points revolve around central themes which just happen to orbit two centers of gravity known as political…… Continue reading 10 Minutes of Insanity – Post gets worse as it goes along.

Meet the Press, Crossfire, Face the Nation

I do not normally watch any of these shows, but “Meet the Press” was on while I had breakfast this morning and I had an amazing revelation. First a brief description about these shows. It seems the formula that works is to put opposite views (Republican, Democrat) on each side of the table and then…… Continue reading Meet the Press, Crossfire, Face the Nation

A Parody of the Media

A Parody of the MediaEveryday, I check a variety of news sources on the net, TV and radio and have found similar patterns in all of them:HEADLINES!!1. CNNa.) Brittney Spears did something again!!! b.) Paris Hilton also did something!! c.) Why isn’t Nicole Richie doing anything? d.) Christine Amanpour is desperately looking for a war…… Continue reading A Parody of the Media