LTMD – My Philosophy

My evolving philosophy on life, religion and profound subjects. Update 11.4.2018 This subject continues to be on my mind.  This is important and something I want my descendants to understand so I thought it best to keep these thoughts in one post and perhaps one day bring them into one coherent essay. The Universe Everything…… Continue reading LTMD – My Philosophy

The Ancient World, Middle Ages, Christianity and Modern Times

LTMD: I address this to you as there really aren’t many people with whom I could speak freely regarding this subject. So, as I do with many ‘difficult’ topics I’d rather write it to you. I’ve recently become fascinated with the ‘ancient world,’ which is defined as the time before the fall of the Roman…… Continue reading The Ancient World, Middle Ages, Christianity and Modern Times

LTMD – Presidential Debate

Last night was the second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  I thought it would make a good LTMD as last night fundamentally changed politics in this country. Donald Trump has single handedly blurred the line between a reality TV culture and mainstream politics.  Now, everything is entertainment and it has revealed that a…… Continue reading LTMD – Presidential Debate

LTMD – Money vs. Life

Money cannot and does not buy happiness. This is something people in society today will post on their Facebook, print t-shirts of, proclaim from the mountain tops;  it is also something that the majority of them do not really believe. At a recent event some ladies were speaking about how they admired another woman who…… Continue reading LTMD – Money vs. Life

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LTMD – Immigrants and walls

The current Republican presidential candidate Trump has been spouting off a lot recently about building a wall between the USA and Mexico and suspending immigration from certain countries that ‘have a history of terrorism.’ *I wrote a better post on this subject years ago called Arizona Immigration Law – A Unique Perspective.  But you know…… Continue reading LTMD – Immigrants and walls

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