New Year 2014

I usually like to write about an event while it is actually happening.  This year I just didn’t have the enthusiasm to write for Christmas and am a little bit delayed for the New Year.  So today, I’m forcing myself to get my thoughts down.  This New Year’s Eve we did not go to any…… Continue reading New Year 2014

Snapshot of my mind at 36 years

Just as I ask myself, “Why am I here” and “What is here.” I ask myself why I bother to write. I write because I am an archivist. I like to archive, to try to preserve this wonderful experience that I’m living. Every experience is infinitely valuable to me and I want to collect and keep them all.

Importance of an Open Mind

I’m sitting here this morning listening to music called “Ancient Temples” by the artist High Priestess. It is just peaceful music of the fantasy genre and I found it to be a suitable selection for the morning.  I discovered it just the other day through when I followed a chain of suggestions stemming from…… Continue reading Importance of an Open Mind

Growing up and Passage of Time

I for one, always have my “midlife crisis” a bit early. I knew at 19 that I would not be a famous professional sports player and now at 33 I have the same thoughts most people might have at 40.