E-mail to Dad 4.28.2003

Hello Dad, Today is a national holiday in Japan and I’ve finally got some time to relax here.  The weather is finally getting warmer and I put all my coats away yesterday.  As I told you before I work for myself 2 days a week teaching English at a Japanese company (Tobacco Distributor) and I don’t have to wear…… Continue reading E-mail to Dad 4.28.2003

Waseda Karate Club E-mails 4.8.2003

Honda – Senpei, Again, I’m sorry that I didn’t understand that we were supposed to come to practice during the Spring break.  I cannot understand Japanese well yet and I thought Karate practice was finished until the next semester except for a few “special sessions.  So I worked fulltime and as you know will return to…… Continue reading Waseda Karate Club E-mails 4.8.2003