E-mail to Brendan about Iraq War

Amigos,Well, America is going to war!  Remember, if you see any suspicious towel heads about the building to call security immediately. ha haSeriously though, all the world is against the war without the backing of the UN security council.  Then on Japanese T.V. they showed some Americans being interviewed on the street saying they were…… Continue reading E-mail to Brendan about Iraq War

E-mail to Dell Customer Support

 I was simply trying to order a battery.   Seems everything is a little bit more difficult when you live in a foreign country————————————– Eric,, I don’t know you so don’t take my sarcasm as against you.. I’m simply protesting the insane questions you have to answer to get one stupid backup battery exported… But all…… Continue reading E-mail to Dell Customer Support

E-mail to Brian 7.28.2003

Here is the same letter I sent before…..Brian,I’ll be back on August 15th until Sept 8th.  The Japanese semester justended and now I don’t have much to do except work teaching English a coupletimes a week.  So I’m occupying my time by studying, going to the gym andlearning new programs on the computer.  I’m ready…… Continue reading E-mail to Brian 7.28.2003

E-mail to Kazuko 6.22.2003

Salut Kazuko! C’est Matthew!  Ça fait longtemps n’est pas.  Qu’est-ce que tu fasse ces jours-ci?  Est-ce que tu as obtenu son maîtrise ou est-ce que tu  étudies encore?  Moi, je suis toujours un etudiant au Waseda.  Je trouve le la langue japonais difficile!  Surtout le Kanji c’est impossible.  Mais je pense que je vais étudier un…… Continue reading E-mail to Kazuko 6.22.2003