Saigon Stories – Fun in Saigon

I couldn’t think of a better title for this post. But a couple of funny instances recently that made me laugh and I thought I should write about. It’s moments like these that make me really love the Vietnamese people.

1. I was speaking with one of our staff members about how the salutation to put on a letter we were going to send to about 200 executives in Saigon. We wanted to make it a personal letter but not spend the mass amount of time writing each persons name on every e-mail.
Me – “How about,,,,, ‘Dear Members, or Dear Esteemed Guests’.”



RUN!!!!!! THE CAPITALISTS ARE BACK!!!!!! I never thought I would see an ad like this in Vietnam. It was from the British Business Group in Saigon. Doesn’t it look like some sort of Evil corporate / Nazi propoganda poster? Hell, at least the communists smile in their posters! And to make it worse, it’s lead by the evil white man!!!!! AHHHHHHH RUNNNNNN!!!!!! Vietnam needs Michael Moore!!!!

Seriously though, what is this ad trying to say? I cut out the bottom half of the ad which showed the groups involved in putting on this seminar. It’s actually not sponsored by a group called “the Capitalists”, but instead something much worse. LAWYERS!!!! The message conveyed is:

Saigon Stories

If you’ve read my blog before, you understand I love living in Saigon. The main reason is really the community and the fact that I can go to any bar, restaurant and will know people. Most ex-pats hang out mostly in District 1 and feels more like a village than a city. I can also just hop on my motorbike or take a xeom (motorbike taxi) and get to where I’m going in under five minutes.

Saigon Stories – Dragon Ladies

When one things of the term “Dragon Lady” the image that comes to mind is that of some old, rich, powerful Chinese lady puffing away on the long black filter holding her cigarette. She is cunning, cruel and calculating, but has become this way due to the hardships endured as she scratched and clawed her way to the top with no help.

In Vietnam, these kinds of full fledged, 2000 pound fire breathing Dragon Ladies do not exist. However, there is a smaller breed of dragon, which resembles a mere baby dragon next to the full fledged China version. Although small in stature, and only able to breathe small puffs of fire, they are able to do so in such rapid succession and with so little provocation that they can almost as dangerous as the Chinese version.

Adventures in Saigon

Here is just a brief update of interesting things in Saigon for the week.

1. Valentine’s Day has caught on in Saigon! The streets were completely jam packed with motorbikes and the pollution was atrocious. Since it was Valentine’s Day I planned to take my girlfriend to the Saigon Town Club for a special Valentine’s Day dinner. My girlfriend working for a horrendous Japanese Travel Agency only had about three hours break and then had to go back to the hotel (see next story) to take care of tourists.