E-mail to Dad 5.20.2004

Dad,Thank you very much for the files from the Apple you sent me.  I understoodall the technical jargon very well and was able to read my journal from highschool.  I was honestly transported back in time and to my previous way ofthinking. All I can say is that I can never thank you enough for theinvestment…… Continue reading E-mail to Dad 5.20.2004

A Practical Guide to Learning a Foreign Language

      Learning a foreign language can seem like a daunting if not unachievable task to many of us.  I am here to tell you that learning a new language does not have to be the boring, monotonous travail that we begin to think it is from the outset of our freshman year high school language classes.  Thus, I…… Continue reading A Practical Guide to Learning a Foreign Language

E-mail to Dad 3.31.2003

 Good Morning Dad! I have some good news that I wanted to share.  Do you ever find that you suddenly make a discovery about something and everything becomes clear?  Well this has just happened with Kanji (the Crazy Japanese symbols).  It also amazes me and convinces me of the fact that the people I think of…… Continue reading E-mail to Dad 3.31.2003