Fast Times in San Fran

Once again, long time, no post. Yet, the dam of thoughts have overflown and I couldn’t resist another post. 1. A glimpse of Asia in SF. Last week, the retailing giant, Bloomingdale’s opened up in a new shopping mall in the center of the city. Today I decided to go see what all the fuss…… Continue reading Fast Times in San Fran


RUN!!!!!! THE CAPITALISTS ARE BACK!!!!!! I never thought I would see an ad like this in Vietnam. It was from the British Business Group in Saigon. Doesn’t it look like some sort of Evil corporate / Nazi propoganda poster? Hell, at least the communists smile in their posters! And to make it worse, it’s lead…… Continue reading RUN!! The CAPITALISTS ARE COMING!!!!!!

Move back to the USA?

At this time, I’m contemplating a move back to the USA. There are many factors contributing to this decision but perhaps the main one is to simply get some American work experience before I hit 30.After living and becoming accustomed to Asia for the past four years, it is impossible to re-adjust to the Midwest…… Continue reading Move back to the USA?

E-mail to Miguel 7.29.2004

Miguel,All done.  I would suggest you have a few more people take a look to gettheir opinions.  I’ve underlined my corrections.Everything looks pretty good.  The only things I would advise you on:1.  Overuse of “and”:  I want to drink a beer and a wine and and vodka and atequila.   better like this:  I want to…… Continue reading E-mail to Miguel 7.29.2004