Journal Entry 8.7.2016

This Sunday ends our first week at the new karate dojo.  I’m a little sore in some spots but feeling very good on the overall.  My jaw hurts as Senpai kicked it by accident when we were sparring.  It was only my second time to spar and he is a blackbelt so of course he…… Continue reading Journal Entry 8.7.2016

Waseda Karate Club E-mails 4.8.2003

Honda – Senpei, Again, I’m sorry that I didn’t understand that we were supposed to come to practice during the Spring break.  I cannot understand Japanese well yet and I thought Karate practice was finished until the next semester except for a few “special sessions.  So I worked fulltime and as you know will return to…… Continue reading Waseda Karate Club E-mails 4.8.2003